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Remember when I described exactly how reality was created?  I have written at least a half dozen articles that describe how it works…, and how it does not!

I even show cased an honest and sincere truth seekers misgivings about Donald Trump in THIS post:

After posting her misgivings…, I wrote this:


First and foremost, nothing can happen here without our “collective” permission.

Is this clear?   Are there any questions before moving on?  This is the CONCRETE FOUNDATION and it can never be changed!

This is why the ILLUMINATI has to use MIND CONTROL tactics each and every single day on every one of us. (In order to get what they want).

Operation Mockingbird does NOT just sway public opinion, as some people might think.  It goes far, far deeper than this.

It is seeking OUR CONSENT!

(To create Reality the way they want it.)

CONSENSUS, is a derivative of the word “consent”.   What Operation Mockingbird (CIA agents who are giving us Fake News Daily) really achieves is a “consensus” of opinion about what is real, and what is possible to achieve.

This is necessary so those who know how to USE our opinions against us – can create a DARK and a DEVIANT REALITY.

They are doing this as we speak.

These “monstrous parasites” in the CIA know how “reality” gets created.  This knowledge comes to them from the mystery schools and from the Jesuits.

Reality Creation happens “collectively”.

This means that we ALL get a vote, (a single vote) on what we want to see happen here on Earth, and what gets created into this realm of manifestation.

So GOAL NUMBER ONE of the Illuminati is to HI-JACK public opinion and to exchange real “truth” for their “truth”.

Are we clear?

Nothing gets created HERE without the real time HELP of the collective! We are all involved in this!

Therefore, what Donald Trump is doing with his “Tweets” and “His persona” as a leader, CAN NEVER create a single dang thing into this reality if WE ALL OBJECT TO IT.

He knows this all too well.

Is this clear?

This is why he TWEETS!

He knows that things only get done here on Earth as a result of working with others and gaining consensus!

He has learned this not as a member of a Secret Society, or the Illuminati…

He learned this as a BUILDER!

He built many huge and sprawling buildings and complexes during his life.

How do I know about this?

Because “I” also was a builder!  I too have built countless buildings all over America!  I KNOW exactly what it takes to build something.  It is not easy.  BUILDERS are the most intelligent and resourceful people living on the Earth.  And they deserve far MORE respect than they have EVER gotten from the masses!

The “ART” of building something is the ART of organizing huge groups of people toward a common goal.


Trump knows that he “needs” people to follow him and agree with him in order to get anything done in America.

This is not a conspiracy, this is just how REALITY WORKS!


Knowing this…, can you use your ability to THINK.., and to extrapolate WHY…., the entire European Union is importing millions and millions of MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS into their Christian Cultures?


They do this…, because those who are interested in changing “reality” know that once a critical amount of a countries population is changed…, then the entire THOUGHT PROCESS of that culture changes!

The REALITY of the country changes due to the THOUGHTS of it’s participants!

See this post I wrote a while back:

What I put in the above article is what the Illuminati is desperate to HIDE from us!

Back to what I was talking about….

MUSLIM MEN believe that men are far better than women…, and that NO WOMAN has the right to say no to sex!

This is why all over Europe (as we speak)  women and children (both boys and girls) are being RAPED and the police are doing nothing about it!  (They’ve been told to STAND DOWN).

The ILLUMINATI…, knows that it’s days are numbered…., and that the well educated people around the world can bring down their EMPIRE!

They need to “RE-DO” the distribution of people around the world so that they are more easy to CONTROL!

One of the MAIN groups standing in the way of people really understanding what I write about on my Blog…, is the NEW AGE!

It is time (for me) to finally call a Spade and Spade!

New Age Writers and Bloggers…, and their countless psychics and channelers are working DIRECTLY against what I am trying to show you (my readers) and the entire world as THE TRUTH!

Many of their Channeled Messages are so profoundly mis-leading…, I can’t help but throw up my hands in frustration as I watch just how well organized many of these groups (just like the ones led by George Soros) are.

Some of my readers have asked why I continue to harp on the New Age.

Now you know.

The New Age is working DIRECTLY AGAINST what I know to be the TRUTH…, and is trying to bury (on a daily basis) what I am writing and exposing as a grand deception!

This was to be expected…, because I KNOW who is behind the NEW AGE!


If you don’t believe me…, then by all means…, see this SIX part Series:



Here is Part One:

I will place links to the entire series in the Header!

All my love….


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