By: Bradley Loves


The ONLY thing you need to know is that TIME has been compromised….

Phil Corso Jr.


Until you “get” this…, nothing that you think you know matters!

Whether in a “loop” of sorts…, or seemingly in a “matrix”…, what is happening now in our reality is the result of “manipulation” by regular human beings who have been given knowledge of future events.


For those of you who still do not believe (because the “channelers” have not told you this) that TIME is compromised…, see this link:


The above video is the best 12 minutes you’ll ever spend of your life!

For those who are “interested” in Ascension…, how do think “they” were able to locate and TARGET so many “Spiritual People” with directed energy weapons?


Oh…, and by the way…, on another matter…., I just read a blog post written by some “jerk” called:

….One Who Knows…

And, if I’m correct (I may be wrong) also writes under the name:

….One Who Believes….

And..,  in that blog post he/she says that all directed energy weapons have been/were dismantled 20 years ago.

He claims to have been “told” this in a channeling.

THIS GUY/GAL (whoever “it” is) is a bald faced LIAR…, and is spreading these lies!

Don’t listen to a word he/she says.

It is a good bet that this person is either 100 percent retarded (or, is an actual SHILL/TROLL/DIS-INFO AGENT.

As we speak…, Directed Energy Weapons are still being used on countless men and women all over the world…, some of whom I know personally, and whom I have talked to as recently as a few weeks ago.

The date today is:  May 5th, 2017!   Record That!

Some of these people have only recently been “targeted”…, starting in late 2016.

This weaponry…, (just like COBRA said) is actively being used…, and any nonsense to the contrary is 100 percent dis-info…, and is CIA/NSA “bullsh*t”.

You see…, this is how the NEW AGE …. “Spiritual Community” gets CONNED each and every single day!

All that any CIA/NSA agent has to do…, is to write a blog post under an assumed name and “attribute” the message to an ANGEL…, or some MASTER, or ET…, and every single New Ager laps it up like butter milk.

WAKE UP ALREADY…, YOU ARE BEING CONNED….., these messages are NOT coming from Angels…, but instead from SPY AGENCIES, or private contractors (civilian) who “work” for SPY AGENCIES.


On a “third” matter.

I don’t know about the rest of you…, because so many New Agers out there are claiming to feel that their “vibrations” are rising day by day and they can feel it within themselves.

Well, for my part.., I don’t “feel” my vibrations rising higher and higher.., but instead…, what I am experiencing is a VERY CLEAR MIND.

My “perceptions” are getting clearer and clearer day by day…, and my ability to SEE what is really happening on the Earth (in other words see through CONS and LIES) has gotten so good…, that I can’t even accurately discribe it to people not experiencing it.

I’m suddenly wondering if Ascension starts with incredible “mental clarity”?

If Ascension starts with the ability to “percieve” things happening all around you with hyper accuracy…, then maybe something really is happening to all of us.

But why aren’t other people talking about the sudden LIFT in their ability to just SEE the TRUTH for what it is?


In my case…, the “idea” that you just suddenly “feel” perfectly peaceful with all that is happening around you is not the case.

I can’t tell you how many “spritual people” that I’ve met think that ASCENSION means sitting alone and feeling “blissed out”…, as if on some sort of natural drug that is coming from within your system which numbs your alertness…, and while it may make your body feel warm and tingly…, gives you no NO SENSE of purpose at all…, and in fact usually ends in lethargy…, once the “bliss drug” wears off.


I wonder if the “hyper” sense of perception I am feeling is given first so that one can CLEARLY SEE what is happening on the Earth in every single nook and cranny…, thus giving the individual the ability and sense of purpose to MAKE NECESSARY CORRECTIONS IN BEHAVIOR??


I am also suddenly FAR MORE aware of “other levels” and “other dimesions” on a moment by moment basis…, and can both “hear” and “visually percieve” a bleed through of sorts.

On going conversations can be heard…, as if people who are talking in another room next to the one you are in…, and don’t expect you to hear them or be listening is also happening at times.

These are real time…, spatial conversations…, and it is like you’ve suddenly “tuned in” to them like on a radio frequency.

I wonder if this is a product of changing viberations, or some type of precursor to ASCENSION?

I will report more as I experience more…, but some of the OUT OF BODY things I used to experience…, I am now able to percieve without going out of body.

I’m not certain what any of this means…, but will keep you all posted.

In the meantime…, All my love…


I got two more donations yesterday…, and I can’t tell you how much it is all appreciated!




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  1. megan reid

    Also, it would seem that the list of so called “asencion symptoms” are virtually identical to those of chemtrail poisoning!

  2. megan reid

    I have to say I am not at all “blissed out ” on all the new frequencies either, A lot of headaches and mysterious aches and pains I can’t explain, but so have a lot of other people. Many of my friends and colleagues are saying that they feel disorientated and panicky for no good reason and that they have a very strong feeling that something big is going to happen in the very near future but have no clue as to what that might be.

    One thing is for sure though I can see through the BS. However it would seem a fair portion of the “New Age” brigade are so busy being “blissed out” and riding “Ascension Waves” that they have no clue regarding the problem we face and the serious situation that we find ourselves in. A lot of the claims made by people are taken on face value and lack any credible evidence to back their claims. I’m sure that many are sincere in their belief but there are group that are deliberately seeking to deceive and mislead as many as they can. Now more than ever we need to be discerning and not take information or people for that matter on face value.

  3. Hi Bradley,

    Interesting what you wrote. I don’t know if you remember me but we communicated a couple years ago about the exact “frequency” energy you are getting. I was and still am hearing the “radio” noise and getting visitors at night. It is like a dimensional bleed through. At times it is people laughing and talking as if they were sitting out having a glass of wine. After all my research I decided it had to be another dimension that comes through after the wi-fi is shut off in my house. It doesn’t scare me but it is strange and if you try to record the noise, it will not record, I tried 3 different recorders.

    If you want to know more about this, let me know, this has been about 3 years now but you described it the best I have heard.


  4. Bradley’s articles are amazing! Thanks!!!

  5. Sorry, of course “lose” and not “lost”.

  6. Hi Bradley,
    it is not the theme but I just read an article about
    Nibiru. If you have time, could you lost few words
    about this object?

  7. I’ve got one channeler that has been saying in her monthly transmission, “Area 51 is active at this time.” (Krista Raisa, Orion Counsel)
    Yes – this topic is tough because there are still some that resonate with me doing this work. They don’t call on angels or dead people.
    People think Andrew Basiago is nuts for discussing time travel. It is just a different stream of consciousness. Im on the fence with a couple things in this topic.

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