A group of people who are looking to develop more advanced technology. Some of these men and women even actually “care” about the world we live on. Some of them WANT was is good for humanity. However, in their quest to do good, something goes horribly wrong.  In the grand course of their experimentation by “trial and error”, they make errors that are so huge – that entire time-lines are created, while others are changed permanently and forever.

Try as they might, every time they attempt to undo what they did, they only make the situation much worse!

Sadly, over the course of many, many years, very little progress is made in correcting these errors and mistakes. As a result of the errors, BILLIONS of people who came to live on the Earth at this time in history are suffering horribly.  Some of the people who MADE these original errors did in fact want to inform humanity, while the more criminal among them decided to tell NO ONE, and took action to keep everyone quiet.

While plans were made to try to correct the problems, plans were ALSO made to hide, cover-up, and keep secret the errors.  No one would be allowed to know, and any one who found out, was simply killed!

Over the last six years of writing, I have compared these very men and women who are in charge, and who are trying to cover up these monsterous errors, to three year old children.  The reason I’ve compared them to tiny children is that they REFUSE to own up to their mistakes publicly, they REFUSE to apologize for them, and they are terrified of their “parents” (we the people) handing out a punishment.

I once wrote that it was just like a 3 year old who was playing with matches for the first time.  The kid grabs a book of matches from his mothers purse, and runs outside to the out-house and then starts lighting them just to see what happens.  He then throws the burnt matches down the hole.  Well, unbeknownst to the kid, a match that is not fully done burning will light paper and kindling, and so a fire starts in the hole, and it has plenty of fuel to feed it.  Soon, the entire out-house goes up in flames, and the little kid who did it is terrified!

Mom and Dad are not home at the moment, so he  does everything he can do to cover up his “crime”.   Maybe the out-house was not really being used, and maybe there was a long wooded path to even get to it.  So the little kid covers up the path with sticks and bramble, hiding even the path to get to where the scene of his MISTAKE actually is.

Now, the kid is so terrified of his mistake being discovered he, rather than correct his mistake, (which he can’t – i.e. build a new out-house) starts plotting to KILL anyone and everyone who will find out about it which includes all of his brothers and sisters and eventually his own parents!

Now you may say – well, that’s just stupid, the mistake he made is not that bad, and it would never justify murder.  But wait a minute, we are not talking about rational adults here – we are talking about a THREE YEAR OLD.  Three years olds don’t reason, they don’t think – they only know fear, and that they “f*cked up”

They fear that spanking, and want to avoid it at all costs.



This is exactly where we are with our world as we speak! 

Men and women (who were not too bright) were playing with technologies that they knew nothing about!  It started with Nuclear Weapons which accidentally ripped a hole in the fabric of time and space, opening up huge sections of very necessary dimensional barriers that were there for a good reason, (to keep astral demonic entities away from us) – and if that was not enough, they then began to use – Time Travel, Star-gates, Looking Glass, and other versions of Quantum Access – which caused huge ripples to occur in our main Time-Line, thus altering what once was an organically developing planetary society, and propelled all of us (everyone living here on Earth – aka BILLIONS)  into utter chaos, by placing the WORST AMONG US into positions of great power, while the best among us – THOSE WHO WOULD TELL THE TRUTH – were hunted down and killed to keep all of the mistakes a BIG SECRET.

Didn’t we all hear something important about SECRECY ???

What you may not know, is that John F. Kennedy KNEW exactly what had happened – and what these people were hiding from the rest of us.  So did Eisenhower!  They both warned us – and for warning us – Kennedy was killed!



The “TRUTH” is about to come out – and THEY can no longer hide it! 

So, it has become no longer enough to kill those who will expose these Earth shattering mistakes into the public view where everyone can know about them, because everyone is starting to find out anyway!  So, instead of just hunting down and killing the TRUTH-TELLERS, now every man, woman, and child living on Earth has been deemed a threat, and has GOT TO GO!

Well, these little three year old kids had a “plan” for that too!

We’ve all got to be killed (according to the thinking of these little brats) who still, as we speak, have never owned up to their original mistakes, and have NEVER come clean with with the rest of us and have never admitted what they did.

Now, does this sound like “adults” to you?  

Was I, in fact, perfectly correct when I listed and labeled these grown men and women who are “running things” here on Earth as:  THREE YEAR OLDS?  

In the years to come, you will see that much of what I have written here on LOVE TRUTH SITE is very accurate.  Even if it sounded outlandish and implausible at first.  You will see the TRUTH of it in the end.

Sadly, what does one do with little kids, who have deemed it necessary to kill their entire family? 

Listen closely – I’m very serious!


  • Do you do anything at all? 
  • Do you just let it happen?
  • Do you just do nothing? 

Do you even try to take the gun or whatever weapon he is using AWAY from him?  Or, do you stay at home sitting on the couch waiting for the police or the “authorities” to find out what he is up to and wait for them to do something about it for you?



  • Do you just sit there?  
  • Are you going to let a few scared little three year olds kill EVERYONE in the entire family?


Or…, are “YOU” a three year old as well?


Sooner or later, WE THE PEOPLE, have got to grow up and decide that a bunch of scared little brats who have made a huge mess of our world, our cultures, and even our TIME-LINESare not going to kill us all!



We must – if we are going to survive – stand up and BE THE HERO!

We must listen to those who are telling us the TRUTH – and stop listening to those who are knowingly LYING to us!  Our future depends on it!  The FUTURE OF EARTH depends on what we do in the here and the now!  Don’t “wait” for the authorities to sort this out – they may be IN ON IT!

That is why – you are most certainly getting “help” from many who came here to help.   However, providing help means giving you the tools so that – YOU CAN DO THE JOB YOURSELVES!

In that way – YOU get the HERO’S WELCOME – and you get the gratitude of your own children and grandchildren across the vast expanse of “TIME” who most certainly already know which of you did what was necessary – and which of you did not!



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