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So Z – you really don’t even know the depth of what you’ve asked, but let me just say – it’s a doozy!

The answer to your question however, is the KEY TO IT ALL!

Here is your question again:



Bradley, please help me understand this article…

Are you saying that war is NOT waged through deception ???? that war waged through deception is done by cowards, sneaks, losers ?????
What a ‘novel’ concept, if that is the gist of this article !!!!

Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug


Z – 

What I am saying, and what I have always been saying on this blog is that “WE” collectively are the KEY to creating “reality”!  

Reality, being the current day to day paradigm that manifests upon the planet we live on – or put in another way – the reality that manifests inside of the Magnetic Hologram!

I have said over and over again that the CABAL had hidden this information for centuries – and they alone had access to it and they alone knew that whatever the greater portion of humanity was thinking, saying, and focusing on would eventually “create” what happened around us!

When I wrote:  


I handed over hidden information to the White Hat Militaries of the world that was a GAME CHANGER in a way that most people will never comprehend!

This information had been hidden from all of us – and once let loose – took away the one huge advantage that the Illuminati/Luciferians had in their constant control of the world.


This was the knowledge of exactly how the Illuminati and the Cabal was able to CREATE changes and alterations within human consciousness on a grand scale and in so doing – get humanity to work against itself and to create the “designer reality” the Satanists wanted to see!

My dear Z – this is why the entire world is now (as we speak) involved in a huge INFORMATION WAR!

Alex Jones calls it INFO WARS – but the purpose of this “war” is exactly as he says!



Once the White Hat Militaries of the World learned the “mechanics” of how the Deep State Cabal/Illuminati was manipulating the entire world – they were NOW equipped to FIGHT BACK!

Before their epiphany – it was never clear just why the Illuminati had spent literally billions and billions of dollars buying up every single Media Corporation in the entire world!  It was also never clear why the Illuminati had to totally take over the education of the young until I handed over the MAGIC KEY to the White Hats!

Now they understood that the Luciferian were using our own THOUGHTS and our own MINDS against us through COVERT DECEPTION!

Trust me Z – this little blog that no one reads – is valued MORE than you can possibly imagine by people in very high places!

Once it was clear exactly HOW reality was getting created on a daily basis – through the manipulation of what we see, think, say and do – think HOLLYWOOD – the good guys were suddenly standing on an EQUAL FOOTING with the Illuminati!  Now they could FIGHT BACK!

They had been given the very secretive information that the CABAL was killing people – their own people – to keep secret for centuries!


This is also why no matter what they try do in their attempts to take down Donald Trump from the Presidency – the Illuminati can no longer gain any traction!

All of their MAGIC no longer works because the “good guys” know HOW it is getting done!

The good guys are now in possession of the very same Ancient Information that the Illuminati has always had and was so desperate to hide from everyone else…, and that information is how to manipulate reality into manifesting what you want it to manifest by using all of humanity as the “magnetic engine”.

Q-Anon – is the Military Intelligence response to the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which belonged to the Illuminati!

While the goal of the Illuminati was always to USE all of the people living on Earth to create a very dark reality – the goal of the good guys is to USE all of the Awakening People living on the Earth to countermand what the CABAL is doing – and to create a more loving and beneficial reality!

Thus, the entire FAKE MEDIA apparatus that was in the hands of the Illuminati – an apparatus that they owned lock, stock and barrel – had to be gone around!

By doing so – the Cabal – aka Illuminati – could no longer “get/con/fool” the MINDS OF THE PEOPLE to believe (aka create) the despicable version of reality that the CABAL wanted us all to create!

  • And so TRUMP is still the President!

In other words – the “people” are actually now standing in the way of the NEW WORLD ORDER!

This is why the Media – has now taken to broadcasting that the PEOPLE have become the enemy – while Trump is saying that the Media is the enemy!

It all depends on whose side you are on!

In the end Z – you have NO CLUE of the gravity and the depth of your own question – AND the serious importance of the answer that I’ve just given you here!


The subject that we now discuss Z – addresses WHY there is an INFORMATION WAR in the first place!

It also addresses:

  • Why there is a TIME TRAVEL WAR
  • Why the “good guys” and the “Illuminati” are locked in an EPIC BATTLE on countless levels of Information all around the world and are even going so far as to continue this battle THROUGH TIME!
  • It is why the Illuminati is seriously considering KILLING all of us!
  • It is why they have also considered turning us all into robotic humans and programming our minds with machine technology!

It is because the Illuminati can no longer “control” us in the way they once did!  It is no longer possible!

All because the “cat” got let out of the bag – and they can NO LONGER use humanity – in an asleep fashion – against itself to create the dark world that they wanted to live in.

THE SECRET that they were so desperate to hide – a secret that explains the nuts and bolts of HOW REALITY gets created – and how what we see around us on a daily basis can be shaped and molded and created inside of this Hologram by using the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MANKIND – got exposed on the internet – and the good guys stumbled on it – and now they are USING IT against the Illuminati with great Success!

And that “Z” is my reply to your question….

Thanks for asking…



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