I am going to start posting articles that I know are really important for EVERYONE to read and see.  These are MUST READ articles and this is MUST KNOW information.

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What IF you had the ability to LOOP TIME – over and over and over again, always going back to the start of a particular scenario each time you FAILED – and were able to keep trying with endless “do overs” until you finally got it right?

What IF everyone else living on Earth suffered horribly as a result of LOOPING TIME – but that did not matter to you?  The only thing that mattered was WINNING – and every other man, woman, and child could die as far as you were concerned?  They were just insignificant pawns?

What IF the fallout from doing this on Earth was actually going out into our Galaxy and even other distant Galaxies and creating so much havoc, that it was changing the future and many other realities of other civilizations far away from here?

What IF advanced beings from those other realms and realities came here in huge ships – found those who were doing it – and said KNOCK IT OFF – or we will pound you into the dirt if you don’t?

What IF those who were doing it did not care – they refused to quit – and continued anyway because they were so very EVIL?


Tick – Tock


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