Scroll to 18:30 and Andy asks the “Question of Questions”

“Why Time Travel to someplace…, if you are not going to GATHER INFORMATION and INTELLIGENCE??

In other words…, literally “TRAIN LOADS” of information was being brought back in time from the future…, by the CIA!  This information was about  everything…, INCLUDING people like you and me…, and what we were doing (or not doing) with our lives.

Thus…, they were able to “plot” or “plan” against each one of us (mere children) depending on what information they brought back from the future!

These HUMAN MONSTERS…, who therefore decided to PLAY GOD…, and chose to use information from the future deprived millions of innocent people the lives they came to Earth to live…, have thusly “purchased” themselves one way tickets directly to HELL, and will by MY WITNESS and TESTIMONY in front of THRONE OF THE CREATOR…, spend eternity either suffering for their crimes, being hunted, or burning!

Note:  This is what happens when SATANISTS and LUCIFERIANS are able to get control of information they should not have!

They use it to destroy MANKIND…, and keep everything for themselves!   Well surprise…, GOD IS WATCHING!


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