By: Bradley Loves

You may have been wondering just how it is that the DARK CABAL, it’s minions, and allies can always remain “one step ahead” of the ALLIANCE who wanted to take them down.  

The answer is:  TIME TRAVEL

The ability to walk through “time windows” and to move into the “potential future” has given these evil villians a huge advantage over all other honest and decent people!  

Most specifically due to the technology that they can then STEAL!  

Parasites to their last breath, these Luciferians have no “intelligence” on their own, but move through time looking for (and finding) advanced knowledge and technology and when they find it, they “steal it” from it’s rightful inventor!  

They take the knowledge that they stole – move it backward in time – and give it to their own people…, who then come up with the “idea” first – PATENT IT – and then use their “court system” to prosecute anyone (including the REAL INVENTOR) for using or even talking about “their technology”!  


This is how they have always maintained their technological edge over the rest of mankind.

All of this started with the NAZI SS!  Heinrich Himmler – the former leader of the SS was a Grand Wizard of sorts!  


Below is an aerial image of Wewelsberg (pronounced Vay-Vels -Burg) Castle where Heinrich Himmler and his SS magicians did BLACK MAGIC.

He and his “unholy 12” were using an advanced form of Astral Magic to fight WW II on the Astral Levels of Creation.  When the war was (supposedly) over…, countless NAZI magicians (from the SS) were brought over to America under operation paper clip!  

What we are seeing happening in America today has the finger prints of the NAZI SS all over it.  Starting with the GWEN TOWERS broadcast system which is being used for MIND CONTROL.

Below is Heinrich Himmler’s (personal ruin) as he thought it up and drew it for the SS.

You can see the H on the left, and the H on the right of the ruin – which stands for Heinrich Himmler.  

(Note:  It was brought to my attention that Himmler was a Jesuit, and that the entire SS operation was Jesuit run.  In that case what looks like an H above could actually be SJ for Society of Jesus – the actual name of the Jesuit Organization.  It matters not, THIS was Himmlers personal ruin.)

Now…, look at the badge below – which is the badge or “patch” currently being used by the GWEN TOWER system here in America!  

You’ve got the exact same “symbol” that was thought up by Heinrich Himmler himself!   This can NOT be a co-incidence!

Now, notice how the entire “ruin” is placed inside the shape of a “diamond” or two triangles up and down.  Then look at the way the SS portrayed the SS symbol on their uniforms…

The SS is placed inside the shape of a diamond or two triangles, one up, and one down.  The GWEN TOWER patch is the NAZI SS symbol – PERIOD!  

Now…, who is it that is fighting here in America against Donald Trump.  Something called:  ANTIFA!   Once again…, we’ve got “symbols” that go all the way back to NAZI Germany.

Here we have the “American” Anti-Fascist” Flag, right next to the Nazi German “Anti-Fascist” Flag.

Here we have that SAME flag flying in NAZI Germany.

So how much of a “stretch” is it then to conclude that the NAZI “SS” is running the GWEN TOWER SYSTEM here in America??

I’d say that “stretch” is about ZERO percent.  So the only question left to answer then is “WHY” does the NAZI “SS” have “broadcast towers” placed in strategic places all over America?

It’s quite simple really.  “THEY” were getting ready to declare “WAR” on all Americans!

As I’ve said before, the NAZI’s have been able to stay one step ahead of the “good guys” ONLY by using TIME TRAVEL technology – (stolen from TESLA – thank you “Curious George”) and giving that technology to themselves – so they could then use it go into the future and “steal” very important technology (no matter WHO invents it) and “give it to themselves” in the past – so they could have their NEW WORLD ORDER!  

Who could possibly even “think like this” ?

A MAGICIAN WOULD THINK LIKE THIS.., THAT’S WHO…, especially one that was willing to “fight” WW II on the Astral Level and was so dedicated to win it…, he used DARK MAGIC.

(Try to keep up White Hats)  

All I have to say about these NAZI SS MAGICIANS is:


By the way…, Is it Heil Hitler still…, or is it Heil Hydra now??

Just wondering….

And WHO – pray tell…, does this CHILD below work for??  You’ve got to wonder if he’s got HEIL HYDRA pajamas stashed away in his closet somewhere?

And naturally, his bosom buddy!

Can’t run a secret NAZI SS program without money can you? 

Oh.., and I’m just getting started!  

There is LOTS more to come…


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