By: Bradley Loves



Before Bryan Alexander was TARGETED FOR VOICE TO SKULL TORTURE…, he was visited by man from the future!

(Or, so he told me, and Bryan was being very, very serious!)

The man was perfectly calm about admitting it as well, and did it during a “job interview” Bryan was doing.

The man (from the future) was offering him a “job” with the Military and admitted that he was FROM THE FUTURE in their first meeting.

Bryan later told me that the man looked to be late 20’s or early 30’s.

Bryan did not like the military at that time, and wondered why they were so interested in him…, and it is my opinion (in hind site) that they KNEW exactly what was about to happen to him (probably as a result of THIS VERY BLOG that you are now reading)…, and tried to give him a way to save himself.

(Didn’t I say that the Military is reading this stuff???)

At the very same time, Bryan was “dating” a female in Hawaii who seemed to disappear for days and weeks at a time, only to show up very suddenly and act as if NO TIME at all had passed by!

She ALSO worked for the military – or at least so she said.

[Byran after quitting his job in San Francisco and moving to Hawaii, was looking for work and it was the Military who seemed the most interested in him, and approached him several times.]

The male time traveler (according to Bryan) seemed interested when he heard about the female military woman Bryan was dating until he  metioned her name!  The male Time Traveler turned a shade of white…, during the job interview and told Bryan to be exceedingly careful of this woman because she was NOT who she claimed to be.

It is my opinion she was also a Time Traveler – only working for another group.

She was from the “bad side” of the equation…, and was looking to disrupt what was going on.

It seems very strange to me that two Time Travelers were visiting Bryan just before he was attacked so viciously by Voice to Skull Targeting…, but that is part of the mystery of his death.

What I do know…, is that “WE THE PEOPLE” are NOT in Kansas any more TOTO!   And that is why I want people to WAKE UP and to GROW UP!

We need to get serious here, and to pull together and work very hard to root these SATANISTS out!

Nothing is going to CHANGE until we all step up and put a stop to it!



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