By: Bradley Loves


As we speak, I am still dealing with the fallout of the “accident” that almost took my life nearly 6 weeks ago.

I am tired some of the time, and am seeing a chiropractor and an acupuncturist two times a week.

I know there are several people that I’ve been in e-mail contact with on a regular basis…, and others that I have been in regular contact with on Skype!

This has been set aside only so that I can heal!

Thank you for your patience!

I love you all…, and I want you to know that!  Anyone who comes to this blog on a regular basis is a real HERO in my book and someone who cares deeply about the TRUTH!

A shout out to Herb…, my favorite South African, and to John my favorite Belgian…, two guys who just keep on supporting me no matter what!

To Det, my favorite German…

There is also: Bernadette, Aron, Lauren, Therese, Elvira, Thomas, Elizabeth, Virginia, Barbara, Jacquline, and so many others who come here on a regular basis!

We are currently hovering (if you can believe the stats at between 800 and 1,000 readers per day which is down from the 1,500 to 3,000 it used to be.

The good news is my readers are the “smartest readers” on the planet!

I’m beginning to think that many of the people who dropped away simply never “imagined” that I would be such a staunch supporter of traditional values and may think that I went overboard in criticizing the crazy “left”.

Yes.., I know it is polarization…, but please stop for a moment and look at the TITLE OF MY BLOG!!   The name of this blog is LOVE TRUTH!

More than left or right…, or any kind of political polarization…, I despise those who can NOT TELL THE TRUTH!

And right now…, there is an epidemic of LYING coming from the left!

I’m sorry I’ve had to put it in those terms!

I do not CARE if you do not like Donald Trump!  In fact…, I’ve said many times that he is not perfect and has made lots of mistakes in his life…, BUT…, I will not stand by while the left side (liberals) make up lies, fables, and stories about him just to try to get back into political power!

That kind of behavior is NOT LOVING TO THE TRUTH!

In this regard…, I am ZERO TOLERANT about lying.., just for political gain.

Barack Obama had his chance!  He had 8 long years…, and NOTHING…, repeat NOTHING good happened on his watch.

And yet…, almost every single New Ager that has a website or a blog treated him as a virtual GOD…, giving him a pass for every single thing he said and did!

It is quite disingenuous to then come back and throw stones and call names at Donald Trump!

Oh…, well…, we lost 1,500 people we did not need!

Just remember…, this is about DISCLOSURE and TRUTH!  It is not about hiding, covering up, or spinning!

If Trump ever screws us…, I will be the first to call him on it!

So to those who are here and those who are still reading…, YOU ARE HEROS and LOVERS OF THE TRUTH!

All my love….


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