I AM SORRY – that I have not posted anything in the last several days.  The good news is that one or two podcasts will come out when they are ready to be published, and the Final Audio Book File for TRANSLUCENT HUMANITY will also come out soon as well.

I have been having a very difficult time over the last few months dealing with very harsh “frequency weapons” that are being broadcast directly at my camper.  I live on a budget and just do not have the ability to move around the country as I’d like to do under these difficult circumstances.

My car is also quite old and has seen much better days.

I am dealing with these attacks the best that I can, and many times (like you see in the movies) I end up wearing a tin-foil hat inside the camper just to keep the frequencies from having too much of an effect.

It’s really quite painful and I don’t recommend going through it.  I am continuing to work for humanity even though it is clear that the operators that are using this technology wish that I would just shut up!

I guess I am hitting a “nerve” somewhere and am exposing way too much of what THEY do not want to see exposed.

All in all, I am doing my very best to keep going and to survive until the DEEP STATE is taken out and taken down for good.

I will write more when I can feel a bit better and not so much under attack.

All my love





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