By: Bradley Loves


I KNOW (trust me) that sorting through all of these long posts and articles is hard work.

You have no idea how much time it takes to write them.

In addition…, I can write these articles ONLY because I have been reading, reasearching, studying, and interviewing for 20 to 30 years of my life.

I’ve spent my entire life on this stuff.

I know there are countless HOLES everywhere, and that is only due to the horrible and horrendous SECRECY that we all live under, which I constantly write about.

What I do with my blog is to point out ALL (AND I REALLY MEAN ALL) of the holes and the flaws in almost every single “BELIEF SYSTEM” out there that tries to “summarize” what is really happening to us here in this “reality” in one or two paragraphs.

I just can’t be done!

I especially take “AIM” constantly at the NEW AGE, because I really believe deeply that this was a brand new BELIEF SYSTEM that was rolled out by the Jesuits as a “transitional belief system” simply designed to  “move” the mind controlled masses from one space on the Chess Board to another, without them ever KNOWING they were being mind controlled in the first place.


There is very little (if any) TRUTH in the NEW AGE!

That being said…, there are tiny grains of truth in it.

There is nothing “simple” about trying to find out the entire TRUTH of what is happening here on Earth.

I do my best to keep up…, and what I try to show is a SYNTHESIS of information from many, many sources and BLEND IT TOGETHER.

There is no real benefit when people doing research start to get all RIGID in their thinking and start holding onto “sacred cows”.

The TRUTH is that we (as human beings) have been LIED TO about everything.

So, if you are looking for TRUTH, the best you are going to get is bits and pieces.  THAT IS WHAT I SEE AS MY JOB.

And I’m doing my best.

My next post should tell you more!


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