Many of you may think that I’ve been psy-oped by Donald Trump and Q anon.    That I’m so head over heals for what is happening in DC, and the Republican party…, that I am no longer beng objective.

Quite the opposite!

My “eye” is squarely on the ball!

I am watching very closely and I see EVERYTHING that is happening.

I am offering my support at this time so that all reasonable opportunities can be given for an appropriate response to the Satanic Infiltration of the Government here and across the whole world.

However, as you know and as I’ve written before…, THE CLOCK IS TICKING.

The moment inconsistencies start to arise which any sharp and logical mind can discern…, then I will most certainly let you know!

As you’ve also heard from me many times…, FAR MORE has remained hidden…, and I am watching just as carefully what is NOT being said or revealed!

What we have been given is:

There is SO MUCH MORE….

Stay loving…, stay focused…, TRUTH WILL WIN!






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