What appears to be happening to a lot of people – who are seemingly going STIR CRAZY – is something that may be a function of the SILENT WAR!

It may have to do with 5-G, the Gwen Towers, Frequency Weaponry, Satellites, etc!

Because the CABAL does not seem to be getting its way – it may have already “upped” the intensity of their GWEN TOWER FREQUENCY CONTROL WAVES – and are literally flooding America and perhaps other parts of the World with distorted frequencies!

This could explain all kinds of problems – from sickness to UNREASONABLE THINKING – TO ANGRY OUTBURSTS!

If you find yourself “snapping” at people or “getting very angry ” for no reason – PLEASE STOP AND BREATH – it may simply be the NEW WORLD ORDERS FINAL PUSH to get their way by using “INVISIBLE WEAPONS” that we can’t see!

Ask yourself this question:

Are you really angry – or does the anger you feel seem to be coming out of nowhere?

If it seems to be coming out of nowhere – then it is FAKE and probably a human created frequency that many, many people are experiencing all at the same time that you are!

You are not alone!

Be Cautious – Be Careful!


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