By: Bradley Loves


The writing of the Gordon Duff articles, as well as the articles written by Makia Freeman…., along with the posting of links of these same articles by a fairly stalwart NEW AGE blogger, tells me that we are really starting to make progress in our battle for the MINDS of humanity!

It’s not like I’m jumping for joy in the celebration of “bad news” or anything like that.

However,  I am over-joyed that people are FINALLY starting to acknowledge the TRUTH in all of it’s forms, and to FACE UP to what has been going on here on this planet for a very long time.

For so long…, it seems, everyone was rushing head long into the:  LET’S ALL ASCEND scenario…, but in order to do that we must FORGIVE absolutely everything that ever happened here on EARTH…, so let’s all forgive everyone for everything!

WELL…, that’s all fine…, but the trouble with that is this:



So tell me this…, just how is it that we are supposed to collectively FORGIVE EVERYTHING, when we have never been told ANYTHING about what that everything was?

I have always maintained that in order to even be able to consider FORGIVING something…, you FIRST need to know exactly what that “something” is or was…,

You need to face it, feel the emotion or hurt and pain of that…, and THEN IN FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WAS DONE to you…, only then can you forgive it.

I don’t know how many NEW AGERS that I have met in the last 5 years who were daily either sitting in their homes, or at gatherings, or in front of their prayer alters as a group, and busily FORGIVING all of the worlds ills and pains…, with NO CLUE about what those ills and pains even were!

It was like they were a fire crew holding a huge firehose, and spraying every house on the block…, just hoping that one of them was on fire!

It seems almost ludicrous to me that this type of thing could really heal anyone and have an affect on the world.

How can you “forgive” something you don’t know about?  The very idea seems ridiculous when you really look at it!

When you forgive someone…, it is because THEY HAVE HARMED YOU…, and you are very aware of that harm!

You have both acknowledged that harm…, and FELT that harm deeply.  It is ONLY THEN…, that by forgiving that person…, you are wiping away the residue of the hateful thoughts and emotions (from your heart and mind) of what they “appeared to do” here in the physical.

FORGIVING SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT is like swinging a baseball bat at the air!  You are hitting absolutely NOTHING!

HOW EASY is it to forgive like that?   It is really no burden at all!  Because “YOU” have not been harmed, so you have NO STAKE at all in actually sending out “forgiveness” waves.  Your frequency was NEVER TOUCHED…, so YOU are not the one who needs the healing.

So if people are unaware of any harm being done…, then it is FANTASY to think that their “blanket” of general forgiveness MEANS ANYTHING AT ALL.

This is why I have maintained…, and many others also maintain…, that FORGIVENESS can not come even one second BEFORE complete, and utter DISCLOSURE of everything that has been kept secret from humanity!

ONLY THEN…, can the public at large KNOW OF THE DAMAGE that was done to their lives…, FEEL the emotion of that…, understand the depth of it…, and “possibly” come to some sort of forgiveness about that.


This is why my site is called LOVE TRUTH SITE!   And why I say that the only real religion is the TRUTH.

It has been said before:    THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE

And the TRUTH does set us free…, once we KNOW ABOUT IT.

Forgive me for being so FRANK…, as I usually am…, but WHY so many NEW AGERS thought for a second that they were going to be able to HEAL the EARTH without FULL KNOWLEDGE of what has gone on here for so long is beyond me.

This is why over the past YEAR and a half I have written articles in my blog that MOST PEOPLE would consider to be so blatant and so “in your face” with the TRUTH that is was difficult at best to deal with.

And yet…, I make NO apologies for that at all!

I was and am DOING A SERVICE for humanity…, regardless of what people think of me!

That service is the total, complete, and utter exposure of every dirty little detail and every crime that has taken place upon the planet.


Because “we” collectively CAN NOT MOVE FORWARD unless and until WE KNOW THIS STUFF!

I’m sensitive to the idea that “some” people just are not ready for the entire TRUTH…, but that does not make them spiritual, or even close to ready for ASCENSION!

This only points out how “UNREADY” they are to face up to what they were a part of here on the Earth…, and thus how UNREADY they are to ASCEND HIGHER.


The truly “spiritual” man, is the one that faces up to the ENTIRE TRUTH…, the totality of it…, sees it for  what it is…, recognizes the pain that has been caused and then can still LOVE GOD…, transmute that pain, and come out on the other side of it.


IGNORANCE is simply this:  IGNORE (ance)

Meaning…, I am choosing to IGNORE certain things, and not deal with them.

For now…, my hat is off to all of those COURAGEOUS MEN AND WOMEN who have joined the ENTIRE TRUTH MOVEMENT!

Who have embraced the idea that “we” collectively can never heal, and never move forward without a complete REVEALING of all that has been going on here…, no matter how EVIL and how barbaric…, because THAT DISCLOSURE is the ONLY way to heal it.

THIS IS THE TRUTH…, (you will see it eventually)!

All my love,







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