By: Bradley Loves


Many people go to this man’s website on a daily basis!

I have been watching and reading from this site for many years.  The reason that I am calling attention to this fact is that “he” out of all the many NEW AGE blogs that I read from, has actually made HUGE progress in his understanding of what is real and what is not!

His posts “reflect” a huge willingness to change his ideas and his attitudes – and to LEARN “more”.

He has also publicly admitted that things that he thought he knew and things that he thought were correct…, were not!

Although he has not yet come to the place where he can admit publicly that Barry Soetoro is an actual criminal…, and along with Bill and Hillary Clinton (and the Bush clan) were totally selling America out to pure EVIL…, I do think that he has gotten there in his mind.

His posts, and his blog reflect a truthful GRAND AWAKENING…, which is exactly what this TIME is all about.

The irony of this is that most of the NEW AGERS out in internet land already believed that they were fully AWAKENED…, and it was the rest of us who need to become awake!

So this is what is going on out there in the informational air waves!

Even “Steve Beckow”…, recently has changed his tune (very slightly) and told his readers that Donald Trump may indeed be the one who is going to help take down the DEEP STATE!

Although he STILL quotes numerous Channeled Messages telling the entire world just how much of a SAINT that Barack Obama is…., I’m guessing that many of his readers are FINALLY starting to see that these channeled messages can’t possibly be the TRUTH, given what we are actually seeing happening here on the ground (especially once Q anon came on the scene).

As I’ve said before…, NO MATTER HOW “LOVINGLY” a channeled messages is delievered…, that does not mean that it contains ANY TRUTH in it at all!

This is a very difficult pill to swallow for countless New Agers…, who really came to “believe” that these “entities” were very high ANGELS and could never be wrong!


Take this information about having no TRUTH inside of these messages – and project it to ALL…, (every single channeled message) that we’ve ever gotten through the NEW AGE.., and you will now see just how conned…, and just how mis-led millions of people have become!

This, in my opinion, makes the “spiritual road” a very difficult one for men like KP, as his readers know him, to navigate.

And just like coming off of a HUGE and debilitating drug addiction (channeled messages)…, there is a really bad withdrawal period where the SOUL goes through significant inner pain when coming to realize that these messages have nothing to do with being spiritual!

So…, today…, my hat comes off to a fellow blogger who (in my opinion) has made some of the BEST REAL PROGRESS…, and therefore gets the Bradley Loves MOST IMPROVED award!






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