By: Bradley Loves

Today…, millions of children are on their way to school!  There…, they will learn NOTHING of the true history of our planet. They will learn nothing of the TRUE advanced physics, mathematics, gravitics, electro-magnetism, and the other true sciences including harmonics.

Today in school…, millions of children will learn NOTHING at all!  Almost everything they will be taught today will be a deception and a lie…, placed into their minds to control their lives and turn them into slaves!

They will be taught these things by men and women who themselves are mind controlled slaves and are really not qualified to teach a dog how fetch a stick.

Today…, while we who are the adults in this world DO NOTHING…, our children will be formally molded into mind controlled slaves.


Also…, Today…, millions of men and women will have their bodies thrown into a cage of incarceration simply because the BANKING SYSTEM has claimed their bodies as “surety” for a BOND they have taken out against their lives from the moment they were born.

They do this in order to STEAL money from that BOND…, and as a result…, men and women are incarcerated unjustly on a daily basis.

Today, many wealthy people will BUY, TRADE, and SELL trillions of dollars worth of  MUTUAL FUNDS, or FIDELITY INSTRUMENTS that are in fact based on the value of real human beings, thus involving themselves in the SLAVE TRADE and the buying and selling of human beings.

Today…, real human beings bodies will be bought and sold on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE without those men and women even knowing that it was their own bodies that was the surety for the “traded” STOCKS that were bought and sold.

Today…, millions of people will still not realize exactly what a STOCK EXCHANGE really is:   A place where a ranchers HERD STOCK is bought, sold and traded!

  1. Stock:  …of or pertaining to and designating the raising and the breeding of livestock…


Today, Millions of sick men and women will be taken to Hospitals around the world…, and given “drugs” which have nothing to do with their illness!  They will be medicated wrongly…, given bad advice…, and come away with their illness patched up…, but not cured.  They may come away mended, but not healed.

Today, millions of people who could have been administered a cure for Cancer…, which is readily available…, will be allowed to suffer and then die within Hospitals all over the world.


Today, millions of men and women who are fighting in armies across the world will be taught to hate and kill!  They will be taught to hate and to kill enemies that do not exist so that large CORPORATIONS that build guns, weapons, and defensive systems can continuously make money.

Today, rich oligarchs who think of themselves as: Masters of the Globe…, will meet in secret and continue to plan on how best to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER…, so that all of the worlds riches, and resources, (which includes people) can belong to them.


Today, millions of young children will be raped, sodomized and tortured in programs that were studied by the CIA, and designated as MK ULTRA!  This will happen to them so that they can become MIND CONTROLLED slaves and used for the purposes of others.   The technique is called: TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL!

Today, millions of other young children will be raped, sodomized and tortured by SATAN WORSHIPPERS all around the world…, only because they have taken over the positions of power in the world…, and no one cares to stand up to them.

These Satan Worshippers includes: Judges (can you say Scalia?) Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, Clergy, Military Leaders, CEO’s, Hollywood Actors, Music Industry Moguls, Doctors, Lawyers, Police, and Agents of every agency around the world.


Today, Ritual Sacrifices will be done…, and little babies will be killed.  Their blood will be consumed, and the flesh eaten by those who claim to be the “privileged” ones  who are living on the Earth.

Today…, all of this, and much, much more WILL HAPPEN on the Earth!

In addition to this…

Millions and millions of GOOD, SPIRITUAL and LOVING PEOPLE will sit in their homes, read about this…, and DO NOTHING!

They will realize that even though this truly is what is happening on Earth, they will resign themselves that in order to keep getting a paycheck, and keep their job…, they WILL NOT be willing to say anything.

They will then turn to CHANNELERS, CHANNELED ENTITIES and the like to SAVE THEM from the very behavior that they could, but refuse to do anything about.

They will kneel down in “mass” and cry SAVE US…, SAVE US…, when the answer of their own salvation is clearly within their own POWER to grant themselves.

TODAY, MILLIONS of people have been given a CHOICE!

The choice is the very same choice they have had all along…, and has never been taken from them…, the choice is this:  What will you “DO” today?

Will you ACT out of LOVE for the Earth…, or FEAR?

All my love to those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see!




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