By: Bradley Loves

My mother died 9 years ago of a very rare form of CANCER.

I believe that she was killed by the CABAL as a response to what I am doing now!

How is that possible?


George HW Bush is one of the biggest SATANISTS to ever walk the planet in the History of all Satanists.

The power of all of our Secret Military Technology was placed into his hands as head of the CIA, and then as President.

As a result of the testimony of Andy Basaigo and others, I have been able to adequately piece together enough PROOF that this TIME TRAVEL/TELEPORTATION technology has been, and is being used to  harass, torment, steal from, and inflict gross pain and suffering upon many innocent TARGETS by using advanced technology and going back in TIME.

In fact, I now have enough PROOF to believe that my entire life, and the lives of all my family members have been seriously ALTERED as a result of TIME TRAVEL activity.

The TARGETING OF INNOCENT AND SPIRITUAL PEOPLE has been a key of this abhorrent TIME TRAVEL criminal activity, and GEORGE BUSH SR., and his cronies, are a part of it!

(As well as any OFF WORLDERS he made deals with.)

Only one movie has ever been made to address this activity and that Movie is called: TIME COP.


For my mother on her Birthday, (who was most likely Murdered by those loyal to the Deep State), I post this video in defiance of those who are pure EVIL:

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