Even though there are obvious spelling errors in todays post…, they will have to stay.  For some reason…, each time I try to correct any of them…, the ENTIRE ARTICLE disappears.

I’ve almost lost it twice…, and who knows what is really happening!  All I know is when I make a correction the whole thing goes away!

So, forgive any mis-spellings.

But remember that I’ve also said before…, many of those “mis-spellings” are added to my articles after I write them.

It seems as if there really is an “A.I.” Floating around out there which messes with what people write.

This is not just “auto-correct” either…, because many of these spelling errors are only added, or show up…, after an article is published.

I’m simply too busy to chase after a “ghost” inside the computer and fix it’s constant


All my love….

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