By: Bradley Loves


If the leaked “document” from BENENSON STRATEGY GROUP, which talks about a “suggested” fake invasion is even remotely true…, then there would HAVE TO BE…., thousands and thousands of regular people willing to implement, moderate, and oversee such a task!

This of course (as I’ve said all along) is regular people willing to do ANYTHING for a paycheck!

This COULT NOT be achieved by one or two people alone…, and would require the participation of countless THOUSANDS…, if not tens of thousands of people around the country!

This is what I am talking about in the title of the piece.

It has already been proven that Hillary Clinton was behind the “Donald Duck” disturbances at the Trump rallies, and many of the “disturbances” he faced…, but here is something even MORE important than that…

She apparently told her own staff…, that if she loses the election…, “WE ALL HANG!”

(Apparently…, she was talking about everyone who has been in government for the last 30 years!)

She probably feels that Trump with blow the whistle on all of the crime…, and therefore…, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can the election be lost, or the entire “elite” structure of the country goes down!  The “stakes” are very high indeed.

So this is what we are up against…, and this leaked document, which was done by a real POLLING COMPANY…, you can find their actual website HERE

This document sounds about as REAL as it gets…, and we now know what may be coming the day of the election!

See document again HERE

What is interesting about the document…, is not only does it suggest what it calls a:

SALVAGE STRATEGY for Hillary Clinton, it also lists several salvage strategies it does “not recommend”…, including something called: RED DAWN and many others.

An while all of the “new agers” sit on their hands and sing Kumbaya…, and tell us how close we all are to ASCENSION….,  the real truth (as opposed to what the new agers are telling us) is that there are tens of thousands (if not millions) of Americans who are still willing to take a paycheck for doing almost ANYTHING…

Including helping to fool the entire population with a fake – holographic – projection of flying saucers and aliens!

See THIS video:

As I’ve already said…, this may or may not happen…,  but maybe if enough of us talk about it…, they won’t be able to do it!

Now…, as for those people who believe they have “NO POWER” to change anything…, just for inspiration…, I offer you this:

More will be coming….

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