By: Bradley Loves


This is a new video from the SGT Report.  It basically talks about all of the  e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s Private Server which are done in Double Speak or Code talk.

These e-mails were sent by John Podesta!

Please listen if you can!!



Just ask yourself this:   How do men and women who are so apparently powerful escape 100 percent from accoutability for this type of activity??

The ONLY WAY they could escape from accountability IS IF the Government ITSELF is involved in SATANIC ACTIVITY….., at the very top!

GET THAT!!   GET THAT if you get nothing else!

“We” the people have been sitting comfortably in our arm chairs watching “football”…, or worse…, sitting in the lotus position doing “OOOMMMS” all day long while LUCIFERIANS rose to the highest levels of power in the world.

And now…, the ENTIRE WORLD is suffering from the these PSYCHOPATHIC war mongers and their LOVE for PAIN and SUFFERING!

They all belong to a cult which values HUMAN SACRIFICE…, and are benefitting from that “energy”.


This is where most “good” human beings just can’t bear to go in their thinking.

That while they were at work and earning a living…, OTHERS were plotting and planning for the destruction of all of humanity!

And sadly…, YES SADLY…, the New Agers…, are the biggest sellers and purveyors of this total DISCONNECT!


Becuase they refuse to “judge”…

But it’s MORE than just not judging…, because countless New Agers also refuse to EVEN LOOK!

They are terrified that IF THEY DO LOOK…, then they might have to judge…, so instead…, they cover their eyes and plug their ears and go:   Lalalala…..,

They do this because in their twisted world of fictional salvation…, it’s better to allow EVIL to take over the entire world…, than to look upon it as it truly is…, and be caught “judging it even once”.

You see…, the New Ager’s are SO CONVIINCED that the ONLY WAY to make “progress” as an individual being is to DISCONNECT from all reality and to label it as “non reality”.

Thus by NOT JUDGING IT…, they (individually as one person) get to move forward and gain the appreciation of the Universe for not being Judgemental!

They are so SOLD on this idea…, that they are actually willing to sit and watch the destruction of the ENTIRE EARTH…, and ALL LIVING HUMAN BEINGS ON IT…, just so they (one tiny little person) can “make the grade”  or ” make the cut”…, and move forward into bliss!

Thus, in effect what they are saying, thinking, and doing…, is to CUT THEMSELVES OFF from every other living thing which they are a part of…, cut themselves off from all of the activity that is happening around them…, and then claim that ONLY THEY are real…., and nothing else is.



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