The biggest crime there is, is the creation of a crime where there IS NO CRIME.

Part and parcel of the unholy “system” that the Satanists and the Luciferians adore, is the creation of suffering for the common folk, and those they call “the undeserving” and the “profane”.

The FREEMASONS – who at the very top of their organizations have determined that so many countless people living on the Earth are just unenlightened, barbaric, and imperfect, have bastardized the meaning of life into a hidden game of: “Who is more pure”  and “Who is more perfect and deserving”

Anyone who does not fit their standard is relegated to level of being useless.

If you do some research, and you want to listen to Juan O. Savin – He suggests that every Satanist and Luciferian is a direct genetic descendant of the Biblical CAIN – who instead of being Adams son, was the son of the Devil.




Judges, Attorneys, and Cops (yes cops) are arresting people and putting people into jail when NO CRIME has ever been committed.  This is what the courts here in America and all over the World are doing as we speak.  In fact, Judges, Attorneys, and Cops are putting so many people into jail when NO CRIME has been committed, it has reached epic and legendary proportions and has become a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

What most people don’t even know, is that we here in America have a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights which guarantee our FREEDOM!  That is why Barack Insane Obama was so desperate to get rid of the Constitution and the Bill 0f Rights.

Those contract agreements with our “Government” tell us that unless someone is actually “HARMED” – or there is actual “PROPERTY DAMAGE” – then NO CRIME EXISTS!

This makes all of the millions of laws, codes, and statutes null and void.  And since the Democrats (and all liberals worldwide) are the ones who want and need “government” to punish people for every little tiny thing…, they LOVE the idea that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution should go away.

But here is the fact of the matter – unless and until the Bill of Rights and the Constitution go away – putting people in jail and arresting them for ANYTHING where there is no man or woman that was harmed and no property damage IS THE BIGGEST CRIME THERE IS!

And just guess who is doing those crimes?

Come on people – dig deep into your souls and for once in your lives be honest with yourselves – GOD is watching you!


It is the Governments – Judges – Attorneys – Cops and Sheriffs that’s who – and they are supported in this by the sleeping masses who don’t want any freedom.


This makes all of the Governments across the world entirely CRIMINAL – and makes all of their laws null and void. This makes the people that you admire the most – Lawyers, Prosecutors, Judges, Cops, and Sheriffs – nothing but petty thugs who, FOR MONEY, are incarcerating people who have never harmed anyone, and who have never caused any damage to anyone’s property – (which are GODS laws) – and instead simply broke a “rule” that man thought up – (which are mans laws) and by the way – WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO OBEY

No man can make a law or a rule for another man because that is the USURPATION of freewill, and a tyranny against GOD the loving Father!



Naturally you who are reading this are going to have your head swimming unless I tell you why they are doing this and it fits right in with the GREAT AWAKENING.  Most people “in government” at this point in time simply SATANISTS!  They worship Lucifer.

Why does that matter?

Well, lets get back to Juan O. Savin one more time and he suggests that more than half the world is a direct descendant from the genetic lineage of Adam.  Meaning true son’s and daughters of Adam and Eve, whereas Cain was a son of Satan and Eve.

So those who worship Satan, are actually the Sons of Satan – very much like Jesus claimed.  They are from their father and they hear his words of evil because it is woven into their very DNA.  All they can do is LIE, because that is all Satan ever did.  The sons of Satan – just like CAIN (who was Satan’s son) want to KILL all of the sons and daughters of Adam!  It is they who love to see, hear about, and hand out extreme punishments, torments, and even torture to mankind – because it is in their DNA to do so.

These are the men and women who become GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, JUDGES, LAWYERS, COPS, and who turn a blind eye to the suffering they are causing in the COURTS.

And what pray tell is happening upon the Earth as we speak?  Mass Vaccinations that are designed to kill every man, woman, and child who is not a direct genetic descendant of CAIN – and thus Satan. 

Don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about – or that I don’t know what is going on out there, or am a conspiracy theorist!

Those who are still asleep are the ones who need a board over the head to wake them up! 


Lucifer is the “god” that the Freemasons worship at the very top whether you believe it or not – and every Covid-19 “vaccination” (which is not a vaccination but instead is an operating system) contains one single main ingredient called: LUCIFERASE

I’m not making this up.

Luciferase – is an enzyme and is designed to “change” your entire genetic system including your DNA – or KILL you if it can not.  Lucifer wants only his genetic lineage to live upon the Earth – and anyone who is not of Lucifer can and must DIE!

Luciferase = LUCIFER RACE

Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase, for the substrate and enzyme, respectively.

Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer – meaning lightbearer.

Search for Luciferases are widely used in biotechnology, for microscopy and as reporter genes, for many of the same applications as fluorescent proteins. However, unlike fluorescent proteins, luciferases do not require an external light source, but do require addition of luciferin, the consumable substrate.

Because you are and were “unwilling” to wake up – and you still are and were “unwilling” to hear the words of TRUTH and LEARN what those who came here to teach you wanted to teach – many of you are going to be exterminated in the next few years!

I can no longer stand in the way.  I can not intervene!  I can not help you! 


Countless people worldwide are now lining up and getting the “jab” as so many people are calling it, and those that do get it will eventually end up dead.  IF not right away, then there is good evidence that they will die within 3 to 5 years.

This is not my fault – it is YOUR fault for not being willing to listen to GODS EMISSARIES and instead listening to the son’s and daughter’s of Satan.

My blog – is one of the most accurate blogs on the internet!  Everything that I wrote about a few short years ago is happening as we speak!

Yet it is still one of the least read blogs on the web, and that is because so few people “share” what they read here because they don’t want to make waves with their families and friends.

Well – so be it – soon you will have far less family – and you will have far less friends, because you were not willing to share TRUTH with them.

Nothing I can say at this point can save mankind.  I’ve tried.  Mankind wants to die for some unknown reason. Apparently, the Satanists have programmed mankind to do this to itself.  And the Military has allowed this to happen when they HAD the power and the technology to stop it.

Some are “saying” there will soon be an intervention!  But will there be?  We shall see!  And from where?  From GOD?  From the Universe? Or, from the “military” – who thus far allowed all of this to occur? – Or will it come from mankind itself – who finally decides after waking up to all of the deaths around them that it does NOT want to die – and takes up arms against the Satanists – and puts every last one of them out of their misery!

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