Are you and those you call your friends “seeing” clearly yet?

Are you living on Earth in 2021, and still not seeing everything that is happening all around you? Where are you in the grand scheme of seeing clearly?

Everyone wants to become a “living angel”, but no one wants to do the work that is required by GODS LAW!

Ignorance, stupidity, denial, delusion, and illusion are not the attributes that create living angels!

Clarity, perfect vision, acute awareness of the truth, and freedom from illusion and delusion of any kind – is what creates living ANGELS!

Let’s take a look – once again – at PART ONE of this series:


Translucent means to be “clear”, “transparent” and “easily understandable”. It comes from two words actually.

LUCENT, which means “shining” or “clear”, and TRANS, which means “beyond”.

So if all of mankind were to become TRANSLUCENT…, then we could say that they were now operating on a level of BEYOND SHINING CLARITY!

If this is the case, then it would be the perfect antidote for a group of Souls which had spent the last several thousand years very literally enslaved by DARK MAGIC!

You see, the goal of dark magic is to keep you from seeing clearly. It is like a blanket being pulled over your eyes constantly that is meant to keep you in ILLUSION and TRAUMA.

The “cure” for this is clear vision and clarity of thought! So what is the Deep State actively trying to do to us?

Install an mRNA operating system “disguised” as a vaccine into our bodies. This operating system will forever alter our DNA so that it would be impossible for those who get it to see, think, or understand things CLEARLY!

This prevents you from becoming a “living angel”, and turns you into a type of “cyborg” or “programmable machine”.

Do NOT underestimate THIS SERIES!

If you want to skip to the end (which is already written) here it is in a nutshell!


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