By: Bradley Loves


Not resting, not stopping, not taking a breath even, the march of the Satanic New World Order keeps moving forward at a lightning fast pace.  Some of the most famous and visible people that we’ve known about for years are now being exposed as both GLOBALISTS…, and as TRANS-HUMANISTS that want to link the mind of man with machines permanently!

There is very little doubt any longer where these lunatic people are leading us…, because the time has come where they can no longer HIDE what they are doing…, and must actually admit to it!  Their agenda is too exposed and too out in the open.

The only way they can stem the tide of this exposure is to all act like circus freaks in Washington DC and try to “distract” us all with nonsense in the Fake News Media and on the Television.

The only problem that I can see with this on going exposure of their plans is that they thought Hillary Clinton would be the President of the United States at this time…, and that anyone who did not immediately “fall in line” and unconditionally accept the agenda as given would have been censored, banned, or worse vanished and killed immediately!

Stalinist Russia would have made a come back in a very big way in 2016 had Hillary won the Presidency like they had hoped!


Even so…, they are battling now with everything they’ve got to just keep up with their own “time-schedule”…, and working as fast as they can as if their very lives depended upon the completion of their tasks in this time period…, even with Donald Trump in Office.

See below:

Elon Musk: I’m about to announce a ‘Neuralink’ product that connects your brain to computers

Now if after reading the article linked above, and you’re thinking you want to pass this off as just foolishness…, well let’s look at how the “just arrested” Jeffrey Epstein fits into all of this MIND CONTROL and MACHINE TECHNOLOGY business. 

This video (placed into the comment section by Herb) is a collection of data on Jeffery Epstein and is filled with some damn good research on all of Epstein’s connections to VIDEO GAMES and MIND CONTROL!!

(Video removed by Youtube)

Yes…, I just said that!   VIDEO GAMES!

Now…, as I’ve been droning on and on for five long years about the connection between the NEW AGE and these Satanists…, this also is becoming more and more difficult to hide!

Especially when you’ve got millions of “so-called” New Ager’s who are now, and always were, dabbling in both MAGIC and SORCERY…, long before the rest of us knew what “magic” was really being used for.

Check out this “NEW AGE BLOG” that connects Hypnosis to attaining anything and everything that you want in life. 

Oh…, and by the way…, the blog is called:  MIND CONTROL PUBLISHING!

Two of the articles located right on the main page are: 


Wow…, sounds real “up-lifting” doesn’t it!   Right up most New Ager’s Alley’s!

Right up there with Madonna, Jay-Z, and John Legend.

As you scroll around on this BLOG…, what you are going to see is that it EXTOLS the virtues of MIND CONTROL as a way to being totally free and happy!  Everyone should want this!

Well…, I guess if MIND CONTROL PUBLISHING gets its way…., we are right back to THIS:

By the way…, I’ve got land in Florida for sale if anyone is interested in buying…, It’s a got a huge bridge on it…, and leads to the Fountain of Youth….

Nuff said!!

You see people…, the CIRCUS in Washington DC is only there at this time…, because they have NO WAY to cover up or HIDE what they have coming down the road for us all in a very short period of time!

Thus, DISTRACTION…, becomes the only way to keep us busy until they complete their work!

The only question here is:   ARE WE GOING TO LET THEM?



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