By: Bradley Loves


Nancy Pelosi “WAS” on her way to Brussels, Belgium…, (home of the New World Order) and was most likely going there in an attempt to subvert the President and make plans for his demise!

However, Trump CANCELED the trip!

See here:

Lest we forget…, the Parliment building that is the Headquarters for the EU was built to look like the TOWER OF BABEL


The building that all of the worlds people were trying to build that GOD HIMSELF destroyed.

Can anyone doubt that this HEADQUARTERS is more than just a building…, and that the SATANIC undertones of it’s design are an IN YOUR FACE symbol of what it wants to achieve??

Can anyone doubt what Nancy Pelosi represents?

Well.., TWITTER was all a buzz with the happy news…, and people who did NOT feel sorry for her suggested that she “RIDE HER BROOM” over to Europe if she wants to go so badly!







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