By: Bradley Loves

It may be very possible that all of the demonstrations we are seeing in big cities like Portland are actually “PAID EVENTS” or “STAGED EVENTS”!

Just like the CRISES ACTING that we see happening so often here in the US…, people are still willing to do ANYTHING FOR MONEY!

“DOLLARS” have become the GOD that will get these men and women motivated…, and they are willing to be bused anywhere around the country to run around and do damage.

The Democratic Party has completely “lost” its soul…, and is now more like the “living dead” than anything that resembles a political party if “THEY” are paying for this stuff.

This video (uploaded by Zero Hedge) shows rows and rows of buses in Chicago.

The article this video came from is HERE

I highly recommend that anyone carrying a video camera DOCUMENT EVERYTHING they see so, that it can be used to put a stop to this staged violence.

Oh.., and be WARY of a FALSE FLAG in Colorado starting on the 14th of November to the 17th of November!!

We need to put a stop to and expose it!

All my love

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