By: Bradley Loves


ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE  (taken from the Bible…., said by Jesus Christ)


Over the years…, I have had the opportunity to speak to many wonderfully intelligent people.  The conversations that we have had were truly stimulating.

Many of them had great ideas about how to create a better Earth…, and a better society for mankind.

However…, this being said…, there were FEW…, that I have met and talked with in my life who supported my argument that the ONLY REAL CURE for all of societies ills was THE TRUTH.

The “idea” of a world with no secrets was just too much for their minds to grasp.

However…, this one simple thing would set the entire world, and all souls living on her FREE TODAY.

You see…, the world is filled to overflowing with supposedly “intelligent” men and women who see INFORMATION or DATA…, as a “resource”.

They equate “knowledge” with both power and money!

Therefore…, if “they” have a piece of knowledge that “I” do not…, then their wallet is better off than mine.

This is a very “sick” way of thinking…, and I’m sorry to have to tell you that…, but it really is a MENTAL ILLNESS.

I have written this next bit before…, but would it surprise you to know that almost ALL SPIES who have been in “the game” for any length of time BECOME DOUBLE AGENTS!



They do this only because they know that “information” (secret information) HAS VALUE in this crazy world of ours.

Thus…, they can “sell” what they know to the highest bidder.

For a guy like me…, to come along and start “spilling the beans” and telling some of the worlds deepest secrets is putting a lot of double agents OUT OF BUSINESS!

Simply by writing on my blog…, and “telling the truth”…, millions if not billions of dollars have not been earned and then pocketed by double agents who used to buy and sell the very type of stuff that you can now find on my blog for FREE.

Also…, millions if not billions, of dollars in “scams” that could have been pulled on unsuspecting people (and even governments)…, were not made by unscrupulous means, only because I write and maintain my blog…, and am willing to TELL THE TRUTH.

So you see, for those of you who think that I am not “having an affect” on the world  or on humanity…, then are not looking in the right places.  You are not seeing things clearly.

I’d like you to reconsider the “affect” that one person with tremendous courage can have on the entire world!

You see…, I’m slowly taking the “cha-ching” of the cash register out of the information market.


This is what has “allowed” all of the EVIL that is currently being done on our world to get a “foothold” and begin to manifest some of the darkest things we are now seeing taking place.

It is, and always was, mankind’s “delusional” idea that somehow SECRECY IS NECESSARY that has caused us all of our greatest problems.

If you don’t believe me…, then just look at all of the laws and rules that every country on Earth has concerning NATIONAL SECURITY.

These “laws” and “rules” are written to wholly “protect” a countries “secrets” at the expense the very people living in that country, as well as the people all around the world.

In fact…, it is this completely SATANIC PRINCIPLE…, which has allowed all manner of criminal activity to take place within government and banking circles, AND to go unreported and unpunished around the world.



NATIONAL SECURITY becomes the very curtain for the criminals to “hide behind”…, so that they can never get caught or punished for what they do.

And yet…, if you talk to 100 intelligent men and women…, almost all of them will tell you after deep consideration that our country NEEDS to be able to keep secrets!

THAT’S JUST HOW LIFE IS… (they tell you)

And now you…, (as the reader) wonder why the SATANIC is so easily taking over the world.

No one can seem to see or understand how all of this can happen to us!

We are doing it to ourselves!



Edward Snowden…, a man who “told us all the truth”…, is “wanted” for criminal acts UNDER THE NATIONAL SECURITY LAWS that you support.

These are the only laws he supposedly broke.  And now, he is  living in Russia because he would most certainly be punished by the Corporate USA if he returned here.

Now, if you (as the reader) agree that he did something wrong…, I’m sorry to have to be so honest with you…, but YOU ARE PART OF THE SATANIC PROBLEM.

We have got to “get clear” about what is going on in this world!

We have got to get clear about what KIND OF WORLD and REALITY we want.

You, (as the reader) are part of the solution in changing what we see happening around us!

If you are not part of the solution…, (then I’m sorry to tell you that there is no middle ground here)…,  you are part of the problem.


You are either supporting the SATANIC takeover of the planet…, or you are standing in opposition to it.

There is no such thing as sitting on the fence, and waiting to see how it all turns out!

This idea is a LUCIFERIAN deception…, and is being propagated by the NEW AGE.

This is the idea…, that you can live on Earth…, not care…, and not get “involved”…, and then, you somehow ASCEND out of it…, without ever getting a scratch you your so-called spiritual head.

You can not participate in the making of a huge mess here (by your support for those who were doing it) and then feel you have no obligation to CLEAN IT UP!

Once again…, for the 20 time…, here is MARK PASSIO… and the best 7 minutes you will ever spend.

And for those of you who have far more time…, there is the five hour version which is great!

And if you really want to spend the rest of the day with this idea…, there is this:









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