By: Bradley Loves


Every little kid knows from experience that once you tell a lie, you have to tell bigger and bigger lies down the road to cover up the initial lie.

The entire world has been lied to over and over again to cover up advanced technologies and treaties with entities who do not even belong here on the Earth.

After World War II, The Corporate United States Government instituted a sadistic and insidious plan (gotten from the British by the way) to compartmentalize every single function and operation of the Government and the Military from every other part so that no one part would EVER know what the other part was doing.

There have been countless times when the insanity of British Military and Governmental thinking has come close to ruining the entire world, and here is just another example of that very problem.

Extreme Compartmentalization temporarily got rid of the issue they were experiencing with having to create multiple lies to cover up the previous lies when it came to things like secrecy, technology, treaties with off worlders, and other things.

But now, this “tactic” is literally ruining the entire world – and THEY are to blame for it!

Babylon-don has stuck again, and not in a good way!

This is NOT at all how GOD our loving Father created the Universe to work, nor how he created us as living men and women to function. The entire world is effectively turning toward the Satanic as a result of the fallout of this process!


Apart from the way liars and deceivers and secret keepers do things, GODS CREATION functions symbiotically with itself, and in full openness with every other part.

A good example is the human body.  

  • If for instance, your pancreas or your heart is having a medical problem – that “problem” can not be compartmentalized and kept secret from the rest of the body!  The whole body is affected, so the whole body has to know about it in order to save it!

GOD our loving Father was very WISE to construct HIS Universe in this manner so that any parts that are negatively affecting the whole will call attention to itself as a PROBLEM!


It is stupid, ignorant, and arrogant for anyone (The British included) to think that “problems” can effectively be kept hidden away from everyone else in the world, or be compartmentalized WITHOUT eventually destroying the entire whole of what it is connected to it in the larger sense.

In America, we can now see this absolutely INSANE (yes it is insane) tactic being used by the Democratic Party as we speak.  

They are desperate!  

They did not want Donald Trump to be President, and so (all on their own) with a bit of help from puppets like Obama and others – they decided to RUIN THE ENTIRE WORLD, by telling lies and keeping secrets so huge – the planet is about to go down the tubes.

I don’t know about you – but my question is this:

  • What kind of punishment do men and women (terrorists) deserve when they think they have a right to take down the ENTIRE WORLD with their lies and deceits?



They have countless internal problems – all of which require immediate procedures and operations to fix them, and instead of simply allowing the problems to be openly revealed and then worked on for the good of all – they COMPARTMENTALIZE the problem in such as way so that the entire COUNTRY – (or the entire body rather) of the whole of America is adversely affected by the critical condition they are trying to hide.

Joe Biden is simply an “indicator light” on the dashboard that is calling attention to the internal sickness and disease that is plaguing the Democratic Party!

He can not possibly perform the duties of the President and should for all practical purposes be getting help for Alzheimer’s and other significant mental problems that are coming at him due to the onset of age.

And yet – the SATANIC MONSTERS that are swirling all around him like sharks are desperate to hide, con, fool, and compartmentalize these problems so that the whole body of America will eventually get sick and die!



For the life of me – how many times must I say and write the very same things? How many times do I need to repeat it before those who come here to read (other than the ones who come here every day) manage to get it!



What happens to one of us happens to all of us.

This faulty idea that a “heart” or a “pancreas” can be very sick inside of the body, and somehow these problems can be hidden and compartmentalized from the rest of the body is INSANE!

The “British Government” which is controlled by the CROWN CORPORATION inside of the City of London, and then by the VATICAN is nothing if not dependably and almost always  – INSANE!

They continue to do, think, and say things that will destroy, hurt, maim, and the ruin the entire world around them by continuing to keep secrets, and to think and believe that one can compartmentalize everything from everything else, and can keep hidden all sorts of problems that are taking place upon this world regardless of the fallout or regardless who these problems affect.

To continue to act in this way demonstrates that I am 100 percent correct!

Oh, and by the way, why isn’t Christopher Steele IN JAIL??  

Apparently it is okay for one single man to throw the entire planet into the jaws of Armageddon by his lies, but he can then sit quietly inside of his home in jolly ol’ England and be protected as if he did nothing wrong, because – well…, setting the entire planet on FIRE is what people over there in the City of London do all day long ?

The three year olds working over there need to realize that constantly telling lies and constantly keeping secrets only leads to telling bigger lies which leads to keeping bigger secrets until the entire structure of the secrets and the lies kills or destroys EVERYTHING ON EARTH, including what they themselves hold most dear.



Stop Compartmentalization!

Stop it now, and stop it forever!  The Earth can not afford to have the left hand never knowing what the right hand is doing!  It is for the good of the whole that God our loving Father created the human body so that when one part is sick – ALL PARTS FEEL IT!

Can the Military say that they are “smarter” than the GOD who Created the Universe?  Can they say they are smarter than the one who placed the Sun, and the Stars where they are?

If they can not say this – then WHY do they compartmentalize when GOD HIMSELF does not do this?

Stop hiding Deep Underground Military Bases and stop hiding advanced technologies! 

STOP, STOP, STOP before the entire world ends up destroyed because a few three years olds wanted to hog all of the toys and the entire sand box for themselves!

All my love…


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