Am I being mocked…, or helped?

This video was posted as a comment under my last post.  It is a Bill Hicks video and was posted by Deborah.

All three videos that I posted today come from a Youtube Channel called: RussianVids!  I like the guy, and think he’s onto something.  He definitely has no love for the Satanic.

This is NOT the big story however!  The big story is the next video below…., which is also comes from the same Youtube Channel, Russian Vids.  Don’t bother watching the first video…, I just put it here to show you it’s the same one posted as a comment in the very last post.

This next video is amazing…, and after watching it…, I really have to agree with the guy who did it!

Alex Jones, does seem to be Bill Hicks.  Please watch…., you will be amazed.

PS…, An acquaintance told me 3 years ago that Alex Jones was Co-Intel Pro!  It now seems he was exactly correct!  If so…, it really proves just how big the CON really is.  See what you can see…, and then add your opinion!

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