Tucker Carlson wonders where the “left” is coming from with it’s lack of wanting to apologize for it’s mistakes.

All he needs to do is to look no further than the NEW AGE!

Not a single New Ager that I’ve ever met is willing to  APOLOGIZE for anything that they say or do simply because they do not “believe” in right or wrong.

The NEW AGE (which encompasses the Political Left) do not believe in GOOD or BAD…, and so…, even if they’ve made millions of mistakes…, apologizing for them (even if good people were hurt by these mistakes) means nothing to them.

Strangely…, if you are not part of the “clan”, and if you are not part of their “group” the idea of always forgiving, and always over looking mistakes (because not doing so is plain judgmental) changes totally.

If you are not part of the political left, (the group)  then instead of being “non-judgmental” they use intense outrage and anger to point out to the political right just how WRONG and how IMPERFECT they are.

So much so…, that people on the right need to be censored, banned, demonitized, shamed, guilted, and hung up on the cross for being “haters” or “spewing” hate speech!


I myself used that very technique in my recent rant (directed right back at the New Age) only to prove a point.

I wanted to show them just how it feels when everything that is wrong with the world gets lumped into one huge thing, and then dropped right at their feet as I  blamed it all on them.

(Of course…, nothing is ever that cut and dried…, and my rant was more of a teaching tool than an actual serious thought pattern, but I’ve said many times that I will use any means necessary to teach people the truth, even if I have to hold up a mirror right in front of their face just to show them who they really are…)

There is no better example of the double standard where NOTHING the left does is “bad”…, (because  EVERYTHING is truly forgivable…,) than what is being done to Donald Trump every single day.

Where the political left will forgive themselves, and overlook almost anything…, even up to an absurd level…, but they will then literally crucify anyone on the right for doing basically the same thing (only far less of it) as if it was the crime of the century!


Not surprisingly, this (I have found) is exactly what many New Agers do all the time…, and don’t you just wonder why?

This is not really about politics but instead it is about DERANGEMENT and HYSTERIA!

The left wants everyone in the world to think the way they think because in their belief system…,  “that way of thinking” is WOKE and ENLIGHTENED! 


And so…., whereas people on the left…, may or may not  “do stupid things” in their lives…, it’s all very forgivable because they just had a few “bad ideas”…, and there really is no such thing as good and bad…, it’s all cool!

But when people on the right may or may not “do stupid things” in their lives…, they can’t ever be forgiven, EVER…,  because people on the right are just BAD PEOPLE!

And the reasoning for this will blow your mind…

People on the right are “bad” not because of what they did really…, BUT…, they are “bad people” because they are NOT WOKE ENOUGH and NOT ENLIGHTENED ENOUGH!   (To suit those on the left)

And THIS is the real crime that they are being punished for by the left!    It is like the left (in unison) are screaming at the top of their lungs at everyone on the right and saying:

We would forgive you for everything…, if you would just wake up and realize there is no such thing as good or bad…, but since you still believe in good and bad…, then we will HATE YOU for everything that you say and do…, and we will NEVER forgive you….., until you become like us…

How do you like them apples….

It’s all very strange…, and it is, in every classical sense of the word, A REAL SICKNESS.

Today’s political left has simply become quite sick (in every country of the world) and as we speak and go about our daily business…, the events of the world tell the tale.

And whenever things happen in the world…, every minute of coverage from CNN and MSNBC, the BBC, and all of the other FAKE NEWS MEDIA outlets proves that what I’ve just written is true.

Good job Tucker Carlson…, you called it!


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