Now giving his Nightly News Broadcast on Twitter, Tucker Carlson was quick to pull no punches and went “UNLEASHED” on the entire world!

The patriots who love him so much in America were heartened.


Places like Truth Social, Telegram, and Twitter were abuzz writing things like…


Tucker Carlson’s first episode goes VIRAL after departure from FOX NEWS

Can you imagine how devastating this is to the Enemy?
Or how jarring to the centerleft independent/ libertarian block of sleepers?
RedPill after RedPill after RedPill.

“Maybe don’t support Ukraine”
“UFOs are actually real, and so is extraterrestrial life”
“Americans might be the least informed population in the world”

Counterintelligence war.


In his First Episode, Tucker ripped apart the Main Stream News Media he used to work for…, AND started telling the TRUTH he was never allowed to tell.


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All my love



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