By: Bradley Loves

In what appears to be a complete crackdown on ALL OF THE OPPOSITION MEDIA inside the country of TURKEY…, the “president” …. “What’s his face” Erdogan, a totally despotic madman/dictator who wants to “end the world” by placing everyone who disagrees with him under his boot…, has sent military/police into a major media outlet and arrested the heads of an opposition newspaper and “took over the management” there.

HERE is only one of the articles from RT, which talks about this. ZeroHedge has more.

From my point of view…, this is how it will soon be in most countries around the world.  The sad part of this is that the poor human beings who are living on this world are so brainwashed and traumatized…, that they no longer care!

Those who could HAVE DONE SOMETHING…, about this long ago… (The Earth’s Spiritual People)…, instead of raising the flags of WARNING…, have instead been “totally preoccupied” with a fake ASCENSION SCENARIO…, a ploy that has gotten almost all of the good people everywhere, to sit on their hands and DO NOTHING…, while the entire planet gets taken over by tyranny!

So enthralled, and so hopeful they were that they would just somehow be “whisked away” into some higher dimension or level of TIME and SPACE…, that no matter HOW BAD things were and are getting on the physical level of the planet…, a level that they were and currently ARE experiencing…, they no longer feel THE NEED to lift even one finger to say or do anything about it.


…Is the mantra that they keep repeating…, because each and every week…, if not many times a week…, some “spiritualist” posts a “CHANNELED” message on the Internet that tells them that they are SOON going to be saved by outside forces!

Whether “ascended masters”…, “benevolent aliens”.., or “inner Earth advanced civilizations”  the main burden of CHANGING and DEALING with all that ails us as a planet has got to be coming soon from SOME OUTSIDE FORCE.

The idea that WE will have to participate in ANY WAY shape or form with saving our planet OR ourselves…., has been left out of the “CHANNELED” equation.

Daily…, I write articles showing people how the ENTIRE SYSTEM of rule and governance that we are living under is 100 percent SATANIC!  The proof is everywhere!

It really is currently being run and administered by Luciferians and Satan Worshippers!  But instead of getting upset about this…, and wanting to try to spread this information…, most people are simply ready to give up and let the world be taken over by the DARK.

“It’s not my problem….”

Most seem to feel.

The funny thing about this (in my opinion) is that MOST of the NEW AGERS in the group (that I’ve met) seem to feel that all we are really doing here on Earth is PLAYING A GAME!

I am not going to argue with that take on things…, because on some level…, it makes sense to me that we are living inside of a holographic reality.

BUT yet…, I have TOLD YOU… And anyone who will listen to me…, that Reality is created collectively…, meaning that a serious change takes MANY PEOPLE to make it manifest…, not just a few.

So why are they (as New Agers) NOT REALLY TRYING HARD to wake other people up to the fact that we ALL NEED TO GET BUSY AND PARTICIPATE?

Instead of really trying to WAKE UP THE SLEEPING MAJORITY of their brothers and sisters…, too many of the spiritual people seem to be totally ready to give up and just LOSE THE GAME at this point. (If it really is just a game).

Apparently (in their minds) the victory already belongs to the DARK…, and why should they “work any harder” to try to win a game they see as already lost!

If this is NOT THE CASE…, (as it seems to be) then pray tell…, what are these “Good” people waiting for before they take REAL ACTION?   A personal invitation from God himself?

There is NO REASON not be on the Internet ALL DAY LONG…, sending messages, links and e-mails to anyone and everyone…, raising the flags of WARNING!

Your fingers are NOT BROKEN!

If and when the “police dogs” start to raid your homes and towns to shut things down.., WHAT WILL YOU DO THEN?

Will you just “give up?”

WHY DO YOU STILL THINK AND FEEL that someone else (who is not even from here) is going to do all of the work for you?

Did you suppose that you were just going to be able to sit and “watch the show” from your armchair in your living room…, just like you do when the SUPER BOWL is on television?

In this BATTLE…, your personal participation IS REQUIRED!

So…, on the “day after” free speech has completely gone away in TURKEY…, don’t for a moment think that the very same thing could NOT HAPPEN HERE…, and happen VERY SOON.

ARE YOU READY FOR THAT .., or are you still sitting on your hands waiting for your SPACE FRIENDS to show up and save you?

Those who want to control EVERYTHING are Luciferians and Satan worshippers!  Doesn’t that even make you a tiny bit interested in taking a position (other than the position of sitting in your easy chair and watching it all happen?)

My dearest brothers and sisters…

Think on these things.

All my LOVE.










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