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[How long do you think it will be before this is happening in the United States?  You “people” who want to be in denial have less time than you think!]



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Live feed from Sky News


Update 17 – Erdogan now said to be trying to get UK asylum. According to the Daily Beast

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan is reportedly seeking asylum in Europe, as a military coup continues in Turkey, U.S. military sources tell NBC News. Erdogan’s presidential jet was allegedly denied landing rights at Istanbul’s airport, before heading out of the country. He was then denied asylum in Germany, according to NBC, before heading to London. Addressing Turkey via Facetime, Erdo?an asserted declared, “I am president,” and vowed to crush the opposition forces. He also said “This country can’t be managed from Pennsylvania,” directly linking the coup attempt to U.S.-based exiled imam Fethullah Gülen.

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Update 16 – the people are piling into public squares, where a confrontation with the new army leaders may take place:

Update 15 – Meanwhile as Erdogan, still in an undisclosed location, is allegedly trying to obtain German asylum, unconfirmed social media reports that his request has been denied. Meanwhile, the Turkish president’s office isn’t disclosing Erdogan’s whereabouts, saying he is at a secure location, AP reports.

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