Even though most people may never understand this, I’ve still got to try to explain it so that people can regain some of their faith in this process.

Every possibility that can happen is “out there” in the Universe as a potential!

Until God our loving Father directly intervened, there were hundreds and hundreds of Time-Lines that had been created for the Earth moving forward into our future.

The Globalists were using C.E.R.N. and Time Travel to try to steal the future of the Earth and to move every one of us (through technology) into a dark reality and onto a very dark Time-Line that they could own and control!  As a result of their many FAILED attempts, they created hundreds and hundreds of Time-lines in the process.


As a result of this intervention from God (or what the New Ager’s like to call source) a compression took place where all of these Time-lines started to converge and merge together.  Therefore many people on Earth are now remembering “history” in different ways.

The reason that they remember events differently is that they actually experienced events differently in other time-lines that have now merged with this one.  In other words history actually DID happen in various ways and it all depends on which time-line you were in as to how you will remember it.

This converging has now stopped and we are now in this time period (The Storm) for a very important reason.

We now have only TWO time-lines left that are running side by side.  One of them is good, and the other one is evil!  (You are able to see both of them).

As we move through the next several years, YOU (yes you) are being called upon to make a “choice”. 

You are being asked by the Universe (and by God) WHICH time-line you want to be on before these two time-lines split off from each other and go in very different directions.

You see, the Globalists were not going to give anyone a choice and were going to FORCE EVERYONE to move onto their very dark Time-Line.  God put a stop to this so that EACH OF US could make our OWN choice.

The purpose of this time in history – which will most likely last up only until about 2031 is to give every man, woman, and child on the Earth time to make that choice.

Those who make the choice for “good” will experience a future that is VERY GOOD!  Those who make the choice for evil will experience a future that is VERY EVIL!

There will be no fence sitting allowed and in the end (at the last moment) if you have not yet made a choice…, you will be FORCED to make a choice in a way that you will not like and you will regret.

Not choosing either side is actually choosing to allow others to choose for you.

Once you do make your choice – then you will get the CONSEQUENCES of that choice.  If you choose “good”, then you will experience the consequences of choosing good and the future you find yourself living in (after the split takes place) will be wonderful and bright. 

If you choose “evil” (Lucifer) then you will get the consequences of choosing evil, and the future you will be living in (after the split occurs) will be extremely dark, controlled, and oppressive.

So which choice is “good” and which choice is “evil”?

If you choose FREEDOM for everyone, if you choose love and kindness, if you choose honesty, morality, integrity, and ethics. Then you are choosing “good”.  If you are choosing to remember God and that HE is the Creator of all of this, and you are choosing to stand up against lies, deceit, secrecy, control, A.I., and the surveillance state, then you are choosing “good”.

If you  choose the CONTROL of everyone, if you choose surveillance, monitoring, watching, and mind hacking for the purposes of complete and total control, then you are choosing “evil”.  If you are in total support of A.I., and allowing A.I. to monitor and control people’s minds, then you are choosing “evil”.

If you choose to forget God and do not believe that HE is not the Creator of all of this and instead want to be “god” yourself, and you therefore choose to stand against the truth, honesty, openness, individual freedoms, (by banning, censoring, controlling speech) and stand against the sanctity of one’s own body, mind, and brain, (by demanding endless vaccinations, implants, nano-microbots to turn your body into a computer) such that the Deep State can own or control it all – then you are choosing “evil”.

NOTICE:  If you choose to work for people or corporations (in order to survive and get a paycheck) who have already chosen the path of evil, then you are also choosing evil, because you are working in support of those who are choosing evil!

Millions and millions of men and women world wide (who think they are good people) have made the choice to work for those who choose and do evil!  They will go with their masters!

(Police, Judges, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians etc…, included)

But a quick word of advice to all of those people who want to choose EVIL before they do!   The men who want to be “gods” will never care about you!  They will USE YOU to serve them, but they will never care about you! 

And if you do not serve them well, they will KILL YOU!

Please see this Star Gate video clip which is perfect to explain what you will be choosing if you choose evil. 

Meet the “god”  Seth.

Here again, many of my readers think this can’t possibly happen.  Yet, once again, please listen very carefully as just ONE of these Globalists who wants control of the entire world tells you from his very own mouth in the clip below:


This man is just one of the many Luciferian/Freemasonic Globalists that want to BE a “god”, and who want to become immortal in the human body.



We (even the most evil among us) have been given the right to choose our path.  However, the very moment that we DO choose, all of the consequences (read rewards or punishments) of those choices will come directly to us.  This is a guarantee.

This is why it is so very important to NEVER allow another man or woman to tell you what to do!  You must NEVER follow orders, mandates, dictates, which are immoral, unethical, ungodly and are based in lies, secrecy, and deceit.

So if you are going to choose to support the Globalists and the New World Order – you will (eventually) get all of the very extreme consequences (punishments) that go along with making that choice.  God will never take your choice away from you, but he will most certainly not keep you from getting the experience of your choice either.


This is why this period is TIME is so very important!  This is why everything has come to a standstill.  God and the Universe is giving you TIME to learn, to grow, to study, and to become informed about what is going on around you!  Please don’t waste this time God is giving you.

All of this TIME is being given to you so that you can make an INFORMED CHOICE.

This is why Love Truth Site is so very important, and why millions of people world wide SHOULD be reading here. By the end of 2031, everyone on Earth will have either made their choice or have been FORCED to make a choice.



When this happens, you will “get the consequence” of your choice.  If you care even a tiny bit about the people around you – maybe it’s time to start sharing LOVE TRUTH SITE with all of your friends and all of your family members so THEY can make an informed choice.

Which side will  YOU  choose?

All my love


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