I picked up this link on KP’s site.   Thanks.   It is a good thread on Twitter that should be looked at because it has TRUTH in it!



1) Lets make something very clear. 2020 is not up to chance and neither was 2016. The Trump Presidency is not anything like it appears.

Trump is the face of a faction within in the US military who has taken control from the corrupt politicians. That’s what you’re witnessing.

2) Reference to one the most important of all Q drops.
[Q] Drop 14, Oct 31, 2017.

This early drop tells us that Military intel is helping Trump. Military intel approached Trump and asked him to run.
This presidency isn’t Trump. It’s the US military. Trump is merely the face.

3) So don’t hop in my mentions and start crying about voter fraud and the possibility of losing 2020. It won’t happen.
This presidency isn’t up to chance. Trump already won in 2016 with less support than he has now. Military intel are ENSURING Trump’s victory in 2020.

4) You all think Trump has been talking about voter fraud for 2+ years, and isn’t doing anything about it?
You think military intel took control from the Illuminati/deep state, just to ignore voter fraud and hand [them] back the keys to the castle? Fantasy

Trump will win.

5) Our government is in a state of complete military control, and the operation cannot be interrupted.
The military took over the media machine are currently reprogramming the masses while simultaneously destroying the credibility of the corrupt mockingbird media.

6) The media has been wrong about EVERYTHING since 2016. It’s because military controls the media talking points, and We are intentionally feeding the media the wrong intel.
By the end of 2024, the public won’t believe anything the media says.
The destruction looks ORGANIC.

7) I know this isn’t a very climactic way to go about destroying the MSM but this is the safest and most effective way.
What did you all have in mind? Storming CNN’s HQ with torches and pitch forks?
We have to PROVE it to the sheep that the media are corrupt.

8) In conclusion; We are in a state of emergency. NAT SEC is at a direct threat and the mil has taken control of everything and won’t hand control of the US mil back over to foreign enemy combatants right after We stole it from [them].



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