I don’t like to post any vids unless I’ve watched them first!   And, many times there are just a few things in an hour long video that are either interesting or important to know.

Here is a recent round table with Patriot Underground, Gene Decode, and Kerry Cassidy.

If you listen carefully – and listen between the lines – you will pick up some of the things that were in our last podcast called: JUST TALK

I have respect for these three, but do not always agree with everything they say.

I am fully established in the Lord our God and the Holy Spirit – and even though I know for a fact that ET’s/ED’s are very real and have been here for quite a while, I also know for a fact that God is very real as well.  My personal experience bears this out fully!

I have memories of Atlantis and other times that go far beyond what most can imagine.

I always come at every subject looking at it through the eyes of spirit first, then through science.


Even though she does not think that God exists – this young woman (Megan Rose) is quite awake for a young person.  She has quite a good grasp on various subjects and is a delight to listen to.  Again, I do not agree with everything she says.  But there are many things to pick up from her.

This latest video is interesting and has some good background info in it. 

The DRONES being used by the Illuminati (which pulse frequencies) and are being used to MIND CONTROL the public is of particular interest.

Thank you for reading and watching at LOVE TRUTH SITE.

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