By: Bradley Loves

No matter how clearly or correctly I write an article…, and no matter how many times I spell check and proof read what I have done…, every time I push the publish button…, it is like some internal mechanism inside WordPress or the Internet itself re-does parts of it.

I have seen this first hand!

Words and Phrases that I KNOW were done correctly after 2 or 3 proof readings will change to an INCORRECT SPELLING only after the publish button is hit!

There are times when I know that I’ve typed stuff very correctly…, but auto-correct does not like what I’ve written and tries to change it.

Why…, I don’t know…, so most of the typo’s which are not my doing…, I will catch.

But what freaks me out is that even when it’s all corrected…, and I push publish…, somehow…, new errors…, and things I did not even write…, turn up in the script.

At this point.., “auto correct” should be finished.

Somehow in the milli-seconds between publish and print…, an INTERNAL intelligence takes a “swipe” at what I’ve written…, as if to say F…U…

This could ONLY be a sentient A.I., that is watching me…,  but can not stop what I am doing.

I apologize for the articles that get put up on my blog with errors in them…, but not only am I doing serious battles with Auto-correct…, but even when that battle is seemingly over…, A.I. Takes a swing at me from somewhere in the Twilight Zone.

All I can do is laugh…, because no matter how perfect I wish my presentation to be…, the computer world of TRON is telling me that I am not is complete control of what appears on the screen.

Oh well…

Just know that when an article gets published…, I DID IN FACT proof read it…, and took out the errors.  If they get put back in after the fact…, I will not waste my time battling with a computer program.

All my Love…..


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