How much “corruption” does it take before honest and decent people finally realize that there is NO JUSTICE inside of the U.S. court system any longer (if there was ever any to start with).

Wait, this comes as a surprise to some people?  Really Lin Wood?  And you are a Lawyer?

You don’t know where all of the “money” comes from ???



Let’s take a look shall we.  First off…, let’s do a little equation for the mathematically minded.

Courts = Money Creation

What do I mean by this?   I mean exactly what I am saying.  The “courts” is how the corrupt system is raiding the trust bonds of every single man, woman, and child on the Earth in order to “create money” so the system can operate and function. 

Every time someone is brought into a court – money is taken (stolen) from their birth certificate bond to create “Penal Bonds” – and yes “children” are being brought into court every single day in America because of CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES – which steals them from their parents, creates a court battle over them, and then uses that court battle as a distraction in order to access the child’s  – Cuesta Que Vie Trust. 

I was informed by someone personally involved that a single boy who had been taken from his mother, had over 10 million dollars removed from his birth certificate trust bond over the course of 2 years for “administrative costs” and “care” while he was being handled by foster parents and the “system”.

Naturally the cost of removing the child and placing him in foster care was probably peanuts compared to what they stole from his trust, and the rest went to running the evil and corrupt system.  Now, multiply that amount times millions of children worldwide being “taken” from their parents, and now you’ll know how much money is being stolen/created every day due to this alone. 

Now add in to the mix all of the innocent adults, who for some reason or another – a broken rule perhaps or silly statute – where no one was injured and no harm was ever done to anyone, yet these adults ended up not only in court, but 9 times out of 10 – IN JAIL   and you’ll have some idea of what is going on here.

So what is going on with the corrupt court system Lin Wood?  Look below!  The “courts” are wholly and totally involved in making:



Miller Act

Performance Bonds Under the Miller Act


All building projects and public works projects MUST supply surety bonds.  But where do these “bonds” come actually from?

See the fire-fox flow chart below, created by a FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT, and check out the obscene amounts of money taken from the trust accounts of men, women, and children for “infractions” – “misdemeanors” – and “felony” charges.

See this chart:

Mortgage (5)


Ronald Edward Kelly, actually wrote the Oracle© Database System used by the Mortgage Companies, in conjunction with Freddie Mac,, whereby the United States of America, Inc., or the “UNITED STATES, INC.”, creates and backs the Financial Enterprises of Freddie Mac, Ginny-Mae, Fanny-Mae, and Sally-Mae, and their replacements, who are all involved with them and the Nation’s Counties in a financial debacle that unjustly enriches them as well as the Incorporated Trust Management Organizations our Corporate government consists of through the Nation’s Counties since the late 70’s.

That whenever anyone is arrested and charged with a Felony violation of one of their Corporate Statutes or Codes – even though there may NOT be an injured party at all, nor an actual Grand Jury Indictment, the Judge assigned will issue Miller Act Bonds on the case to the tune of $4,000,000 per Felony count at arraignment – or $400,000 per Misdemeanor count – and $40,000 per simple Infraction (like jaywalking), and then another $4,000,000 per Felony upon conviction, with yet another $4,000,000 per Felony issued upon sentencing, all without the knowledge or consent of the accused, with the Prosecutor signing off on the Standard Form 28 – Affidavit of Individual Surety for the accused without his knowledge or consent, making this a staggering Twelve Million per Felony Count all total, and with Prosecutors over-charging as they do say on a ten count indictment, would amount to an astonishing $120,000,000 even if these were mere statutory violations without any actual injured parties nor anyone other than them to receive these funds.

Whereby these Miller Act Bonds are held in camera (judge’s chambers) by the Judge, and act as additional collateral for the County in which their County Bonding Agent will issue Tax-exempt Munis (Municipal Bonds) in an equivalent matching amount as backed by these, which are then primarily purchased by Freddie Mac or one of the other big Federal Lenders to use as collateral for the “Commitment Paper” they issue to the actual lenders; Those Tax-Exempt Munis are then sold on the Market by Wall Street brokers at Discount, and Freddie, for example, will purchase $100,000,000 worth of these for approximately $67,000,000 – but Freddie, et al., actually pay for these with the Borrower’s Mortgage Notes, which are then “Securitized” as “Mortgage-Backed Securities”, as they are more than nine months to maturity, and Freddie has made the 100% profit off the transaction, purchasing these Bonds for basically nothing — as they always use the Borrower’s Mortgage Notes to pay their Wall Street Broker.

The actual Lender will service this basically pre-paid Mortgage anyway based on the Mortgage Contract, and then collect up to THREE TIMES the Value of the Borrower’s Mortgage Note over a 30 year period, when in fact the Borrower’s Mortgage Note was used to pay Freddie for the Commitment Paper so-called “loan” where no actual consideration was ever given; Counties who issued those Munis in the first place eventually have to pay out at maturity on those Bonds, however it has just become their “policy” to just arrest more & more People, and charge them with more & more counts to make up the difference, so it is no wonder that there is so much “victimless crime” in America and why America has the largest prison population per capita of any civilized nation in the world; The legacy we leave behind for our children, and their children, is just appalling.


Really Lin Wood – you didn’t know that all of these TAX EXEMPT MUNIS – come from putting innocent people into JAIL?  You didn’t know that the money running our entire system comes from CORRUPT COURTS and CORRUPT JUDGES who are raiding the “Trust Bonds” for obscene amounts of money?





Corrupt Courts and Corrupt Judges = Money creation on an “obscene” scale to run the “system”.

Is it really any “surprise” at all that something as simple as a Presidential Election and country wide vote was “HI-JACKED” by very corrupt people (mostly involved with money and banking) and when that happened the U.S. Court System, which we have now established is beyond redemption and is equally corrupt – DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT?

Here is who is NOT surprised by all of this:


In no way, shape, or form is Jesus “surprised” that any of this is happening, because HE SEES ALL OF IT! 

The true Lord of the Earth is on duty and sees every single bit of this EVIL and this DEBAUCHERY.

Make no mistake Lin Wood – JUDGES and all of those who are involved in corrupt COURTS, and CLERKS and LAWYERS for the “BAR” are going to BURN IN HELL – unless they immediately repent and give up this foolish “system” of paper slavery – which makes the wheels of money creation go round and round.



The courts in America (as we speak) are using the “Corona Virus” – fake “plandemic” – as an excuse to throw away all of the normal rules of procedure, and then under the guise of a National Health Crises – to offer no Constitutional protections or rights to any of the men and women that are coming to them for a fair and just hearing. 

Millions of Americans are now SUFFERING AS WE SPEAK – because they are not being fairly treated in the courts and none are being given any “rights” period.

So this is not only about President Trump – or about an unfair and stolen “election” here in America.  It is far bigger and far more problematic than that.

However, if this is what it takes for very powerful people to FINALLY take notice to a problem that should have been solved decades ago, then this is what had to happen, and the rest of us can “thank GOD” our Creator for this “gift”.



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