By: Bradley Loves


Right on cue…, the U.S. teachers union which is an ultra-liberal ‘think tank” for the Globalists…, has decided that “WHITE CHILDREN” need to be re-educated about how GUILTY THEY ALL ARE…FOR BEING WHITE!

Can you just imagine a young 6 or 7 year old white kid being taught on his or her very first day of school that the “color of his skin” is pure evil…, and they he needs to apologize and be sorry for his “whiteness” (something he has no control over) every day of his life?

Now…, if this was being said about little black children…,  the entire country would be rioting night and day. 

However…, since this is about little “white kids”…, you are hearing NOTHING from the Main Stream Media and therefore the Fanatical Progressive/Socialist Far Left is going to shove this idea down every kids throat the moment they hit FIRST GRADE.

See this post:

NEA Embraces the Woke Agenda — But Votes Down “Student Learning”


National Education Association not actually interested in education

The National Education Association (which represents school teachers) is the largest labor union in the US.

And the union just held its annual conference, where officials voted on a number of resolutions to more clearly define its policies and values.

At this year’s meeting, the NEA voted to teach “white fragility,” which is, they say, produced by a white supremacist culture.

They also endorsed abortion, reparations for slave descendants, and recognized the US as a destabilizing force in South America which has led to the current immigration crisis.

Yet when the resolution which would “make student learning the priority of the Association,” went up for a vote, it failed.

However you might feel about these issues, we can probably at least agree that the teacher’s union should probably be focused on… teaching… rather than politics.

Apparently white guilt indoctrination is more important than real education.

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