By: Bradley Loves


A University of Toronto Professor, is claiming that “FREE SPEECH” is a white supremecist ideal.

While doing this, he is waving a flag that was used in Germany just before the beginning of World War II.

See this story:


Because apparently this particular University Professor knows NOTHING about actual History (which begs the question – why is he a professor at all?), let me (an old carpenter) teach him where the flag that his “youth” group is waving around actually comes from…




Can you see the COMMUNIST FLAGS  hanging on either side of the main flag?

This is not “rocket science” people!    Young kids screaming for communism and a ban on free speech are brain dead zombies!

Where are their parents?

Dear Canada,

The Demoncratic Party (here in America) has a DISEASE!

(Which normal Americans are trying to cure!)

Please do NOT follow in their footsteps!

The LEFT, is all but ready to be certified totally INSANE!   I

did not think that the Canadians were as far gone as the left is here in America.

But, hey, I guess if you’ve got a Prime Minister who does not like to say “mankind” and instead prefers to say “people-kind”…, well then…, I guess University Professors demanding a ban on free speech was always going to be the next step!




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