By: Bradley Loves


I’m ready for yet another “Heart to Heart” with my readers who may be looking at my blog these days and saying…, “Oh how sad…, he doesn’t get it!”

We’re all trying to Unify…, and he’s trying to separate!


Not at all.

What I am doing is pointing out that there is ONLY one way to really unify and that is the way JESUS showed us and that is to really LOVE GOD…, which is to LOVE HIS CREATION!

You can NOT unify under a banner of the United Nations if the United Nations…, the EU…, or even America seeks to “control” every single thing a human being is doing from birth to death!

Just like there is FALSE LIGHT…, there is FALSE UNITY!

The “Alien Grays” are “unified” inside of a HIVE MIND mentality…, as are the DRACO that rule over them, but they would tell you that this kind of unity is repugnant (eventually) because they have NO FREEDOM!

Unity without individuality – is NOT UNITY AT ALL!

What we are “fighting” against in the moment is the FALSE UNITY that has been very carefully crafted for us by those who know that REAL UNITY means their destruction!

Those of us who are called: PATRIOTS are fighting for the kind of UNITY which comes as a result of those who really and truly LOVE GOD!

All problems are solved and melt away in the love of our Creator because we see HIM as our fullest expression.

We really can NOT love anyone if we do not LOVE GOD FIRST!

The love we have for our children and our spouses is born of GODS feelings expressing themselves through us!

GOD, however, could not express through us if HE had not created us.

When we “feel” real LOVE…, it is HIS LOVE we feel and experience manifesting through us.

UNITY without the LOVE OF GOD is therefore not “unity” at all.., but a simulation of FALSE UNITY.


This is exactly the type of “unity” that the VATICAN and the UNITED NATIONS is trying to foist on the world at this time by decree!

They are forcing peoples and cultures to mix in a false type of “unity” that is not natural nor is it real!

Endless immigration and the mixing of cultures – is a tyrants way of FORCING the MIXING of PEOPLES and CULTURES without understanding what “unity” is all about!

LOVE is the glue that “unifies” others…, and that LOVE is GODS LOVE!

This alone will “unify” and this alone will work!

This unity can not be legislated by demand and can not be FORCED from the outside by decree!

FALSE UNITY is the unity of the Satanists, who think and feel that by getting “rid” of all our “differences” there will be no more reasons for our separations.

Thus…, they seek to SHAME others who have differing opinions and degrade those who “dare” to LOVE in ways they do not.

If one thing has become dramatically clear to me over the last several years…, it is that those who worship LUCIFER really do “LOVE LUCY”!

(Lucy being their code for Lucifer)

Yet…, that love for Lucifer is lop-sided and leaves NO ROOM for anyone else who does not think like they do.

ABSOLUTE CONTROL is the order and the method of their so called “love” and their so called “unity”.

Thus they seek to HIVE our minds and remove all differences!

In the human “cy-borg” agenda…, “trans-human” is the final step in removing ALL of the last repositories of human differences and giving us UNITY!

This is how they INTEND TO UNIFY US.

And for those not paying attention…, the Democratic Party here in America…, along with their MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE TECH COMPANIES are well on their way to getting our young people to want physical “implants” inside of their bodies in order to connect them with the web and with each other!

Ray Kurzweil has said over and over again that “real unity” is something called: THE SINGULARITY…, where we all unify in one great moment with MACHINE INTELLIGENCE!

All of the “Anti-God” and thus “Anti-Christ” men and women the world over (including the Satanists) are desperately looking for some kind of “unity” that does not involve GOD because somehow they think that GOD made a mistake with human individuality.

But GOD created individuality for a real purpose!   His intention is to have individuals UNIFY IN LOVE!

This unity does not force…, does not coerce, does not blackmail, and does not leave others without a choice!

Those women who are “feminists”…, “witches”…, “abortionists”…, and those men who believe we should all be “gay”…, or “trans-gender”…, or…, “trans-human”…, are all looking for unity…, but they are looking for it everywhere but inside of GODS LOVE!

This is FALSE UNITY…, and is not born out of LOVE.



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