By: Bradley Loves

Mark Passio tells us that the TRUE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is when our MIND/HEART/AND ACTIONS…., or thoughts, emotions, and actions are all in unity or harmony!

He says this in the CARE VIDEO here, at 5 minutes into the video!

He basically is saying that you can NOT claim unity consciousness if YOUR actions do not match your thoughts or emotions!

Let’s make a list!

Can you claim Unity Consciousness IF you are doing any of these things?  The answer is a most EMPHATIC NO!

  1. IF you hold a job and WORK for the POLICE
  2. IF you join the military and fight in the wars of the bankers
  3. IF you work inside the banks and ENFORCE their rules and their policy on others.
  4. IF you work as an Accountant or a Lawyer…, and ENFORCE their rules and policies and statutes upon others.
  5. IF you are a doctor or a nurse and are denying health care based on INSURANCE policies.
  6. IF you are a doctor or a nurse and support endless injections of Vaccines! (Even if you don’t support it…, but STILL DO IT, you do not have unity consciousness because your ACTIONS are not in line with your thoughts!)
  7. IF you are a doctor or nurse and administer and prescribe endless pharmaceuticals to the public.
  8. IF you are a city worker and are placing FLUORIDE in the city drinking water because you are being “ORDERED” to do it.
  9. IF you are a TSA worker and grope other human beings genitals because you are told to do it!

Do you finally get it???

WE are doing this to ourselves!  And it is all based on FEAR and COWARDESS!  An unwillingness to say NO I WONT DO THAT!

Too many NEW AGERS have claimed that this does not matter…, since we will all ASCEND soon!   Bulls*^t….!

Every man, woman and child who IS in fact supporting the system by doing the things that the system tells them to do…, IS IN FACT COMPLICIT WITH THE EVIL OF THAT SYSTEM!

And, if you have not already noticed…, let me tell you that it is a SATANIC SYSTEM!

Since everyone here is really smart…, I will not add 5,000 more examples to the list…, (which you KNOW that I could do!)

This is where the rubber meets the road…, and where we HAVE TO START!

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS!    Which means you do NOT DO…, anything EVER…, (even for a paycheck) that is not in line with your sacred understanding what NEEDS TO BE DONE ON EARTH!

All my love!

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