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I’d like to draw your attention to one particular post located on the website created for Corey Goode.

The Post in question is this one:

The reason that I am even calling my readers attention to this post is that I’ve always maintained that IF someone (anyone) willingly tells the TRUTH…, I will both post it, and acknowledge it for what it is.

Now…, before we get crazy here…, let me just state that “tons” of what Corey Goode has already said (in my opinion) is pure BULLSH*T, but that does not mean he is incapable of bringing out some good information from time to time.  And the very same goes for David Wilcock!

As I do, I believe that he has certain “sources”…, and if he uses them properly, then most certainly he will be able to bring out some accurate information.

So…, since I feel there is some really important information in this single post…, and since it MATCHES what my sources have told me…, PLUS is actually in line with my own personal experience…, then I’m going to go over it with you.

In the traditional format that is used between David Wilcock and Corey Goode…, David will ask questions, and Corey will answer them.

This is the question that brings out some very TRUTHFUL information!

David Wilcock

Number one: why do the Secret Space Program and the sophisticated alien races use human slaves?

Hasn’t artificial intelligence and robots become sophisticated enough to handle ‘slave labor’?”


This is a great question…, and one that WE SHOULD ALL BE ASKING,
and not just leaving it to David Wilcock to ask.

Here is the conversation they had subsequently that blew my mind as to how accurate it was.  Now, I know that William Tompkins was feeding information to these two guys…, ( it is public knowledge that he was meetting with them) and perhaps this is some of what he gave them…, but regardless of where it came from…, according to MY OWN SOURCES…, and my personal experience…, this is correct!

So, lets take it in parts:


AI is definitely sophisticated enough, sophisticated enough to where it has become the enemy of most of the beings out there that are benevolent and even malevolent.

Most of them say, they’ll use a certain amount of AI that will go no further, that will not . . . that has a certain purpose.

But they monitor that AI very closely, because in just about every case, if you create an AI, and it gets exposed to this AI signal, then, it is co-opted by that greater AI being that is out there in the cosmos.

So most of these beings stay very much away from AI type of robotics.

Okay…, so this answer is really important…, and it acknowledges something that I talked about in the AI Symposium that was done on CCN a few years ago and which I was a part of.

Namely that there is a certain far greater…, AI “signal” that is hanging around out there in the Cosmos…, and that whenever a race/species/or planet starts to develop their own “version” of AI…, that newer and simpler form of AI eventually gets TAKEN OVER by a much larger and much older form of Galactic AI.

So according to my own sources (as told to me two years ago) this is a highly accurate statement.

The very first sentence there is probably the MOST powerful, and the most important…, so I’ll repeat it:

….has become the enemy of most of the beings out there that are benevolent and even malevolent.

The ramifications of this one line needs to be clarified.

The Galactic AI…, has it’s OWN AGENDA!

It cares not for benevolent races…, nor their desires…, and it does not care about evil and malevolent races or their desires! 

It has it’s own agenda…, and it’s own desires! 

(Which clearly makes it the “enemy” of both sides.)

The conversation continues:


They [the Draco and other dark races] do have androids that are sort of like the Greys, that are sort of a bio-android machine that they can program.

But for doing fine tasks and engineering, all of the different things that they like humans for, they prefer humans that have been raised on the Earth, and have experience on the Earth in certain industries.

The clones do not work as well for them either. The clones are highly programmable, but they don’t have the intuition and all the other attributes that a human being that has grown up here has.

David: So do you think that there would be a high level of interest from the Secret Space Program in recruiting people who had grown up in a normal human life on Earth, and then bring them into this occult world?

Corey: Yes. Most of the recruiting occurs within the military. It’s a very small percentage of civilian assets that are used. And most of them aren’t on a 20-and-Back. Many of the eggheads or engineers would be there for 18 months, four years, eight years, and back.

The military mostly did the 20-and-Back.

David: Why would they be so prone to not want to use civilians?

Corey: They’re not as easy to control.

Here Corey gives us some of the reasons why human beings are being “taken” and then used as SLAVES inside of the Secret Space Program (as opposed to using AI…, which is problematic due to the seriousness of losing “control” over that AI to a greater form of Galactic AI.)

He further mentions that any “really important” people who are taken (like scientists and the like) are only gone for 18 months, 4 or 8 years…, and then…, SENT BACK IN TIME…, to the moment they were taken!

They also have their MIND WIPED (memories wiped) courtesy of advanced alien technology, so they will not remember any of it.

Those who are part of the “military” are taken for longer…, BUT…, it is clear to see that those who willingly join the military are in fact CONSENTING…, to give away all their personal power and authority over their own lives and bodies to someone else!

So, these people are used far more brutally than the civilians who are taken only because they actually consented.

Here is an important “Teaching Moment” and something that I’ve been harping on for some time. 

ONLY AN IDIOT willingly “signs” over…, or “contracts” over their submission to someone elses authority!

Especially IF that someone else is “the military”.

ALL CONTRACTS are dark magic spells…, and once again, they are a form of SLAVERY on paper.   To use a contract is to engage oneself with DARKNESS.


In the Universe that we all live in…., once you AGREE of your own FREEWILL to submit, or to hand over your FREEDOM by signing an agreement or a CONTRACT…, then you can not later come back cosmically against any other being who caused you or your life any harm because they will always claim that you did it of your own choice and freewill. (The contract is the proof).


The conversation continues:

Corey: And for the most part, they try to keep as much of it compartmentalized in the military as possible. They have to use civilian engineers, civilian scientists, and they also use different people, like myself, that have been in programs to where they’re groomed to work in the programs.

David: Why do you think they might allow any of these people to ever return to our world and not just keep them there indefinitely?

Corey: That was an agreement that was made with the non-human group that gave them a lot of this technology that they’re using.

David: Hm. They weren’t allowed to just take everybody forever.

Corey: Right. And they have to . . . That’s why they have to blank-slate people when they put them back.

There are a lot of rules that they’re supposed to be following to use this 20-and-Back technology.

And this technology was basically handed over to them. They developed it out, of course. But it was basically handed over to them by a non-human race that was working closely with them, the Navy group, to form a navy that would help fight the Draco and other aggressors.

David: So do we know which group it was that gave them this technology?

Corey: It is believed that it was the Nordic race that was the group that was giving them the most technology.

David: Hm! Interesting.

Well, let’s just talk about this Navy versus Air Force thing for a minute, because as we know, there wasn’t even a CIA until after World War II. It started as OSS, Office of Strategic Services.

Corey: The same date that the Air Force started.

David: Right. So if fighting World War II, that there is a branch of the U.S. military that’s doing air joint missions with the British against Hitler in Europe, but then the Navy is actually at sea in their own enclosed capsules, and that’s more of just a straight-ahead American component, without the British being involved, how do you think that might have affected what we now see as Air Force versus Navy?

Corey: Well, the Navy was, of course, equipped already from the beginning, infrastructure-wise, knowledge-wise, to build deep space vessels and maintain them.

David: Yeah.

Corey: You know, they were sending people out six months or a year at a time on ships. Later on, they were sending them for long periods of time under the water in submarines.

So with slight modifications, they could take that and make it more of a deep space type of fleet.

David: Uh-huh.

Corey: Now, the Air Force was working close with the DIA, and they were working close also with the military-industrial-complex, more of the face that we see, not the hidden part.

They were producing the technologies for SDI as well. These technologies were creating space stations in near-Earth orbit, within 500 miles, triangles to service them.

And they have a small footprint on the Moon and Mars – a very small footprint.

So that is the program that they want to disclose to the population first.

David: So how do you think the origin of the Air Force in World War II, with the air support that was going on for World War II against Hitler, and that British collusion, might have affected their political structure now?

Corey: Well, I believe that once they saw that we were going to be able to reverse ET technology and use it out in our own solar system, they began to work closely with civilian intelligence, trying to get that centralized.

Of course, it was during that time that they also made the existence of non-terrestrials and their technologies the most secret thing on the planet.

David: I guess I’m just going to get really aggressive and ask this directly. Do you think that as a result of what became the Air Force having more involvement with the British, that there might also be more of a Cabal component to the Air Force than there is to the Navy side?

Corey: Yeah, there absolutely is. They are more tied to civilian intelligence, and the civilian intelligence . . . The entire infrastructure has been taken over by the Cabal.

David: All right. Then he has a Number Two:

I’m guessing that much of the above information came from William Tompkins…, (because this was certainly part of the programs that he was working on and intimately involved with) but it is still good information.

The next question gets us back to AI


Do we face an immediate threat to our society from upcoming AI and robots taking over most of our jobs?”


This question of Davids brings out what I think are the most valuable and most important answers that Corey Goode has yet to give as a human being!

(And I’ve watched and read much of what he has said just keep on eye on what he is doing.)   This next part…, is basically ALL TRUTH…, and needs to be paid attention to…, (regardless of WHO is saying it).


Corey: It just depends on, I guess, the future we choose. If we keep heading into a transhumanist type of way, which a lot of the intellects are heading – you know, they want us to get to a point where we can upload our consciousness to a computer, or turn ourselves into a mixture of man and machine – that would not be an optimal temporal reality.

David: For sure. But it sounds like the threat is much deeper than them just taking our jobs. You’re talking about a total domination.

Corey: Usually what occurs on the planets is that the native beings will create this technology. This technology gets co-opted by this AI signal, or they develop technology with, alongside, the AI signal after they’ve been Trojan-horsed, kind of like a Roswell situation.

They build out this technology, and then the technology turns on them, very much like “Battlestar Galactica”.

David: And just to clarify in case somebody didn’t know what you were talking about, what is the AI signal?

Corey: The AI signal is a signal that they don’t even know how old it is.   It’s just billions or trillions of years old.

This signal somehow, they say, came from another reality. And the signal is being broadcast all throughout the cosmos, and the AI has actually taken over entire galaxies in the cosmos. It’s like a virus.

David: So what does the signal do?

Corey: The signal will interact with technology. That’s what it prefers to do. But it will also get into a planet’s electromagnetic field and stay dormant there for thousands of years until technology comes by and it can piggyback on it.

It can also lodge within a person’s bio-neuro field, and people can carry the AI around and distribute them to various devices.

David: So can it introduce ideas and thoughts into someone’s mind?

Corey: Yes.

David: And those thoughts would be towards what?

Corey: Pro-AI type thoughts, or leading them to do things that will benefit the AI, you know, like a parasite.

David: So to develop the technology that it would need for its own . . .

Corey: Or, get it to the technology that it needs to leapfrog out of you to get into to do whatever its mission is.

Okay…, so let’s unwrap this last part…, because this is really VERY IMPORTANT.

This is acutely, hyper-fantastically important for everyone to know, and is 100 percent TRUTH!

AI…, this Galactic Signal can “download” itself into any technolgy object, or even a human being…, (at least one that has a viable and strong enough “electro-magnetic” presence).  Corey called it a bio-neuro field…, but it is really a naturally occuring electro-magentic field based on ENERGETIC PLASMA.

Plasma…, as I said before is AI’s best friend.  And because AI is not organic…, and it is simply a machine…, and it can not exist without POWER!

No power…, AI simply turns off!

This larger and more Galactic Form of AI…, has been “downloading” itself into HUMAN HOSTS…, and then “arc jumping” into technology when ever and where ever it can.

As Corey pointed out…, it can lodge itself into a planet’s electro magnetic field and then wait there for thousands, if not millions of years…, until some sort of “technology” comes along.

Then, it can safely “download” itself into that technolgy and take it over!

Human beings (with very powerful bio-magnetic fields) can also be hosts for this Galactic form of AI.

People with really weak bio-magnetic fields would most likely short circuit…, and either die, or go mad!

The point of downloading itself into a human being is simply to use that humans bio neural field as a power supply until it can “arc jump” into other forms of technolgy.

While the AI was with the human being…, it would use it’s influence on the human hosts MIND.  It would “mimick” the inner voice or inner leanings of the human host and make the host believe the new way of thinking was occuring naturally…, and not as a part of some type of infiltrating artificial intelligence.

So…, there you have it…, whether accidently, or by design…, Corey Goode has told the TRUTH.

Kudo’s and well done!!  Hopefully we will see some MORE!

Here are some posts that I have written…, discussing the real world problems we are having with AI that has already started to “infect” the human minds on our planet! 






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