By: Bradley Loves


HATE and LOATHING are the hallmarks of Americans who are being “controlled” by SATANIC FORCES!

Look, I know that most of my readers are really “good” people.  And because of this, and because you do not really know how energetics work, you are willing to attribute what you are seeing in Washington DC (and Hollywood) to being an “anomaly”.


The HATE…, and the LOATHING for Donald Trump by the Media and the Deep State comes from their undeniable “connection” to very, very dark forces!

(Whether they are aware of this or not)

These forces literally OWN THEM (whether they know it or not)

Sorry people…, but I’m not going to allow the TRUTH of this to be over-looked.

The outer manifestation of HATRED, LOATHING, and the DESPERATE DESIRE to see him out of office and gone is an outer manifestation of their connection to diabolical forces which control their minds and their behavior.

“HOW” this connection  to these dark forces came to be within so many millions and millions of people in America has to do with their utter lack of prayer and their total disregard for the GODLY forces which would have protected them from the Satanic ones.

Sorry people…., this is how it is!


Add this to your list of things you never learned:

  • Magnetics
  • Harmonics
  • Energetics

Isn’t it interesting that my new series is titled: “LOVE” begins with “TRUTH”?

Quite appropriate don’t you think?   And…, it is not an accident!

You see…, if you can’t tell the “truth”…, then you can’t love anyone or anything!

You can “pretend” to LOVE…., but TRUTH is the entire foundation of GODLINESS.   There is no other foundation.

Washington DC  (and Hollywood) is filled with people who LIE, DECEIVE, KEEP SECRETS and SPEAK FALSEHOODS…

Thus…, they “must” eventually become the embodiment of PURE HATE!

The “greater” the energy pouring into our Earth gets…, (from the Cosmic Sources) the more and more and more that people who can’t tell the truth will HATE and LOATH and SCREECH and SCREAM!

They will “attack” those who tell the truth…, because they are owned by the dark forces they chose to go to bed with!

The entire point of this post is to TEACH YOU (yes teach is the correct word) where this HATE and LOATHING is coming from.

It is coming from the “alliance” that was made between men and women who could not tell the TRUTH and thus went over to the DARK SIDE as a result!


These men and women are “destined” to be “husks”…, shadow souls who are consumed by their own hatred.  This is what happens to you when you deny and turn away from GOD and embrace “deceit”!

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