By: Bradley Loves

I am currently traveling for the summer. Work and private research will be my focus.  Blogging will have to be secondary due to my inability to raise sufficient funds to continue doing this full time.

I am 100 percent grateful to all who did send donations, and who continue to send.  All my love!  Hopefully, in short order, I can get back to doing research and blogging full time.

I am at a coffee shop somewhere in Kansas at the moment, and will say a few things.



Divide and Conquer can only work IF the masses of humanity STAY both distracted and divided.

Let that sink in.

I’ve written enough about the pertinent facts over the last few months to show everyone that what we collectively are facing is a real battle with evil forces.

The reason that this is not gaining any traction out there is that there is a well meaning, but HIGHLY GULLIBLE “New Age” section of the Alt. Media that posts any and every “channeled message” they “get” as gospel truth without any way to verify it…, and therefore, continue to foment a never ending daily message stream that states that “everything is okay”…, nothing bad is happeing…, and “it’s all good.”

We’ve been seeing these SAME messages posted weekly for going on 10 YEARS or more, and don’t you just wonder WHY that is??

It may be of “interest” to some of you that “NESARA” was originally supposed to happen in the mid 1990’s!

George Bush Senior signed off on it…, (at gun point) and then immediately put a stop to it through his criminal ally Bill Clinton.

We have been waiting for MORE than 20 years already to have this “blessing” that all of the channelers are still predicting to happen “soon”.


We were all supposed to ASCEND in 2012…, and we are now in the summer of 2017!


All of the Evil men and women on the planet were supposed to be placed into “containment”…, so no more evil would happen on Earth…, in early 2013!

Obama was supposed to be a “great soul” who came to bring peace on earth…, and yet never “disclosed” a single thing!  Now he is giving “speeches” at BANKS for $400,000 dollars per speech, while countless little children around the planet starve due to no food, and are sleeping on the ground.


This next post…, linked below, (very long) and already noted by Jean on her blog is one of the best I’ve read.  It is very difficult to read because it shows us clearly just how much EVIL still exists on the planet.

I can’t tell you how much you need (as a researcher) to know what is and has been going on in the world.

Try to wrap your mind around what those who are in ALL LEADERSHIP postions on our world are really doing!

Next is this video, which were are finally seeing more and more of, which is ELITE BANKERS coming clean and telling us the the biggest banks in the world are BEHIND ALL THE CRIME!



Simply put, many of the things we were TOLD by channlers and channeled entities were 100 percent fabrications AND LIES!

To ignore this is to choose to be in DENIAL!

Or worse…, DELUSIONAL!

The sanity of some of these New Agers is now coming into question, because they REFUSE to look around them and accept that they are being conned.

The sad truth of the matter is that the CON was very nicely set up…, and very nicely “programmed” into New Agers heads.

Written in late 1979…, the COURSE IN MIRACLES came out “long” before the exposing of all of the absolute EVIL that we are facing.

That book…, and others like it, told us all that we MUST NEVER JUDGE anyone for anything…, or else…, “we” will never personally ASCEND.

So therefore…, all of the New Agers…, (who let’s face it) find it extremely uncomfortable here on Earth…, and don’t want to be here…, are desperate to be the first ones to over look and turn away from every single act of pure evil that they come across.., tripping over themselves to be “non-judge-mental” over the most horrendous crimes imaginable.

In the meantime…, the “evil” that we collectively are experiencing is expanding and growing exponentially because those who have the ability and the “clarity” to actually “see it” for what it is, have been brain washed into believing that they should not judge it…, and what’s even worse…, not even bring it to anyone else’s attention around them. (Just don’t even talk about that!!)

Just keep perfectly silent…, and let it all occur and happen!

Apparently “GOD” will sort it all out.

But…, “GOD” is NOT sorting it out…, (have you noticed) and nothing that has ever been “predicted” by a single damn channeler has ever to come to pass.

All we ever hear from the “beyond” is that it is all coming SOON!

(Just like we’ve heard for the last 20 or more years).

However…, TICK TOCK…, TICK TOCK…, the clock moves forward and the GLOBALISTS do more and more to put a strangle hold on the entire planet with each passing day, month and year!

The “proof” of this statement is all over the Alternative Media if you are even paying an ounce of attention.

Here’s an example:

As we speak, they are looking into Legalizing “RAPE” in Europe because Muslims have “sexual” needs.

Are you kidding me?   Come New Agers…, you can’t be this BLIND!  Can you??

Do you want it to be permissable anywhere in our world to gang rape women and children?

Do you want that kind of planet for you and your family to live on?

Don’t you think this is at least worth a comment (judgement) or a even an:


At any rate…, I highly recommend that you read the long article above by:

Joahim Hagopain.

I promise to write as much as I can, when I can.

All my love for now!

And for each reader who came here to my blog today, I say this:








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