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British Schools to Be Rated on How ‘Transgender-Friendly’ They Are

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Oh, and here is one of the most important quotes:

According to the guide, a growing number of parents are complaining that a lack of pro-LGBT policies are leaving them with “no option but to pull transgender children out of a school”.


Now can You see…, that what I just wrote a day or two ago…, in THIS POST

suddenly has new meaning…, wouldn’t you say??

Here is a quote from my own article

So…, here is the question that every Illuminti Member and Satan Worshipper is asking themselves today…,

“…how do we “get” the greater part of humanity to “accept” what is basically unacceptable??”


Hitch your wagon to an already struggling group of people who only want to gain acceptance…, (namely the LGBT Community) and then infiltrate and support that group…, while “steering” their agenda in a totally new and unforeseen direction!

Please read the entire post at the above link!

The “trans-gender” agenda is nothing more than a cover for the coming “trans-human” agenda.

AND SO…, all of the important parts and pieces of the game have to “be in place”.


The most important parts and pieces of the game is to make certain that they have TOTAL CONTROL over the thoughts and objections of every single child and adult.

The trans-gender issue is the BETA-TEST for the real and up and coming…, TRANS-HUMAN agenda.


Why (pray tell) can’t intelligent people SEE THIS?


The entire “politically correct” narrative is being used and tested so that they will learn exactly what works and what does not…, when they finally pull the trigger and roll out the idea that it is okay to meld man and machine!

Forcing little kids in school to be VERY TOLERANT of trans-genders will give them important FEED BACK now on how to keep little children tolerant of trans-humans when the time comes!

There will be a zero tolerance in school for any child who points a finger at “johnny” who has dozens of cyborg implants!

(Dear God in Heaven.  WHY can’t people see what I can see??)

See image below:

You see…, if “THEY” can convince you that it is perfectly OKAY to remove your own genitals…, (and replace them with something else) then it is only a short step toward getting you to remove your arm, or your eye, or some other organ…, and replacing them with some sort of borg like mechanical replacements!

Children are being TAUGHT and GROOMED to accept this right now as we speak!


Take a good look at the image posted above…, because the very NEXT GENERATION…, (because of YOU) will look like this if you don’t speak out!

Have you even bothered to ASK your schools WHERE they are going with all of this??  The sooner YOU personally get clear on where this is really heading…, the better.


Please don’t do THIS any longer….

And don’t do THIS either:


Because if you do…, soon you’ll be seeing THIS:

And not a man or woman WHO CARES any longer will be able to say a single thing about it!


All my love….


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