By: Bradley Loves


After reviewing several articles that were sent to me by readers (some that were months old…, and some just written after the law in question passed)…, it does appear that they have basically “legalized” adult child sex!

But they’ve done it in a very sneaky way!

They’ve INCREASED the punishment for the “rape” of a child…, BUT…, the child has to PROVE (in a courtroom) that the perpetrator “surprised them” by initiating sex that they did NOT WANT!

Apparently, this goes for ANY AGE…, and the “new law” did not automatically stipulate any CERTAIN AGE where a child could automatically be presumed to HAVE NOT consented!

Thus…, if a man had sex with a 3 year old girl…, the little girl would have to go to court to PROVE the man did something she did not want or did not consent to BEFORE it would be called rape!

So…, while claiming to INCREASE penalties for “forced” sex…, the French have dropped the idea that there is any certain age below which a child can not consent for themselves!

Quite sneaky actually!

Therefore, if a child who is say… FIVE YEARS OLD…, wants to complain about an adult who had sex with her…, she must now go to a courtroom and PROVE that she was taken by surprise by the act and did NOT WANT IT!

The decision will be totally in the hands of the “judge”!



Here is where I see this going!  All countries I just mentioned in my last article…, will soon pass a “version” of this law.

While INCREASING THE PENALTIES for rape…, they will put the entire decision for the matter into the hands of just ONE SINGLE PERSON – the “judge” who is hearing the case.

Now…, as we all know (here in America) almost ALL of the JUDGES in the country are very LIBERAL…, and some are even SATANIC!

(This means that they worship LUCIFER)

All that has to happen (for any high profile cases concerning ELITES) who are accused of having sex with very young children…, is to have the matter heard in front of a single JUDGE – who is one of their own!

This is the “gist” of what the new FRENCH LAW was trying to accomplish!

It places the ENTIRE DECISION of whether a child was actually “raped” (because there is no age at which it is considered to be automatic) into the hands of just one man or woman (a judge) and in this way…, all of very high profile cases can be “STEERED” to the “correct judge” in order to make certain that NO ELITES are ever held accountable…, even if they DO RAPE A CHILD!

Due to this law…, all that has to happen is after hearing the case…, the JUDGE simply concludes that the child was NOT surprised by the act and was therefore NOT RAPED…., even if she was only five!

Once again…, the masses have been CONNED only because they stupidly think that “all judges” are fair and balanced…, when it is CLEAR that there are some judges that are in fact part of the Luciferian Cabal!







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