To my Readers,


My efforts to “raise funds” for the summer are going abysmally…, (except for a handful of dedicated readers who have sent some support).

I will thus be engaging in some work that I have managed to secure over the summer as a back up…, but my ability to write and do research daily…, will (out of necessity) come to a halt soon.

From time to time, I will continue to post…, but major articles will be few and far between.

Once the summer is over…, maybe things can resume!

For those who do not realize the time investment involved…, even what looks like a fairly short article may take 2 or 3 full hours to write before posting.

I take great steps to make certain that I am not just “spreading” more confusion…, and instead try to base what I write on well thought out facts.

If any research has gone into it…, like other linked articles or video’s…, then add another 2 or 3 hours of time.

You can get the idea of how much time goes into just ONE blog post…, and you can also see why people like:

Ben Fulford writes ONLY one per week (and charges his readers to view it.)

I truly am grateful to my readers and supporters…, but until “things change” as far as the “system” is concerned…, (and our apparent need to survive)…,  then all of us are beating our heads against a brick wall.



I have made certain that those who are responsible for the THEFT and the CORRUPTION of the monetary/ slavery “system” will PAY ETERNALLY for what they have done, and the sickness they vomited all over innocent souls.

I’ve done this through the “Declaration” and “Warnings” I’ve publicly posted.

By my actions, they will all get to see COSMIC JUSTICE in the end.

Unless they make REAL CHANGES…, this is a guarantee you can count on from me!

If things get any more out of balance in this reality…, these souls will wish they had never been born onto the Earth…, when they finally get to see what their “come uppance” will be.

That is all I have to say.

People like:

COBRA are not kidding when they say that REAL PUNISHMENT is being planned for these men and women. (No matter what the Channelers say).

And, IF these men and women want me to make any ALLOWANCES for what they have done to me personally (not to mention the entire planet)…, they MUST CONTACT ME PERSONALLY.

Without that…, then my “chess” pieces on the “higher level” of the game board are already in place…, and when they finally come to that level of the chess board, and try to move even a single piece…, I’ve already got them checkmated.

And one final thought here…,

It isn’t wise to “anger” someone to the point that they will not rest for eternity…, until justice is served!  (Even if Millions or Billions of years are required!)


No “amount” of begging.., or pleading…, “after the fact” will make a bit of difference to me once we are done with THIS LEVEL.

It would be WISE to “undo” some of the problems you will soon be facing (through honest negotiations) before we get to that point.

All my love for now…, see you all in a few days!

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