By: Bradley

Here are some more Jordan Sather Updates!

I continue to be “favorably” impressed with this young man’s ability to reason, to think things through, and to be intelligently objective.

This is the only reason I would ever recommend my readers to watch him.

The ONE single reservation that I have with his recent online activity is his “interview” with James Gilliland.

I have watched many interviews and “speeches” done by Gilliland, and it is my opinion that this man has some really warped spiritual ideas (he does not really understand the UNIVERSE yet) and therefore can be quite MISLEADING when he makes certain ASSUMPTIONS or draws certain CONCLUSIONS.

Much in the same vein as Wilcock, who would be far better off simply acting as a conduit of DISCLOSURE, rather than trying to “tie” all things together in a SPIRITUAL WAY, Gilliland should do the same thing and take the same advice.

I say this due to Wilcocks deep belief in the HUGE CON called the LAW OF ONE.

The TRUTH is that the NEW AGE/CHANNELING WORLD is about to get “outed” for the gigantic con that it really is.


Anyone left supporting these FAKE TEACHINGS in the months and years to come, will be most unfortunate as they will be seen as holding a perverbial BAG OF CRAP in their hands when the smoke and mirrors are fianally taken away.

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