By: Bradley Loves



Incredible! The Vatican agrees to sex change drug

This above linked article, written by Leo Zagami, is very telling.

As always…, the “reasons” given for a particular decision or judgement about this new drug are not always the same as the TRUTH.

It is quite well known that that countless church leaders use young pre-pubescent boys as “sex toys” and enjoy the company of these children in much the same ways that adult men and women enjoy each other sexually.

For those grown men who DO happen to have found an underage boy that is a dependable “sex partner”…, the saddest day of that grown man’s life is the day when the boy reaches puberty – and he is no longer “sexually attractive” to the adult.

This new “DRUG” which has just been cleared by the Pope and the VATICAN…, will do FAR MORE than they are claiming it will do.

They say it is for “trans-gender” kids who can’t decide whether they want to be male or female…, and will halt puberty and give them time to decide…, but the REAL REASON that the Catholic Cult sees this drug as a huge benefit, is that it will FORCE millions of boys (and girls) who are unfortunately cornered into relationships with grown men (and women) into unnaturally EXTENDING their childhood…., soley for the benefit of the ADULT!

This is not something that any normal “boy” would naturally want to do on his own…, but for a predatorial adult hovering around him…, it is WORLD’S GREATEST INVENTION…, and for those men (and women) who have child “love partners”…, and are desperate for another 3 or 4 years of FUN AND GAMES with that child, this DRUG could not be a more welcome “gift”.

This DRUG – when looked at from this perspective is a HUGE BOON for sexual predators and grown adults who are deeply involved with children as sexual partners…, and want them to STAY CHILDREN.


So now you’ve GOT TO WONDER…, given the history of the VATICAN and all of it’s criminal problems with adult/child sex…, if this DRUG is really all about helping “trans-gender” kids.., OR…, is it more likely that it is all about helping adult predators keep their “child love interests” sexaully attractive to them for another 3 or 4 years??

You know the old saying:

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…, then it’s most likely a DUCK!





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