Every thing depends on what “WE” as humanity choose to do in the next few months!  We are very rapidly approaching the POINT OF NO RETURN.

There is very little time left to stand up and just say “NO”.

We the People need to speak out against this quickly and the “White Hats” need to step up and put a stop to what is being rolled out.  If the “White Hats” do nothing – then it falls to We the People to just say no and to mean it.

Everything else happening in front of you is just a distraction!  Everything else is just a MAGIC SHOW meant to take your eyes away from THIS!  This includes all of the gay/trans-gender/pronoun clown shows.

Here are two MUST SEE videos that explain what I am talking about and two videos that you absolutely have to take the time to watch!

Video One:


Video Two:


The vital information in these two videos is not a lie and not a joke!  As you know, I myself am experiencing these types of problems and symptoms – which you can see (after watching the videos) is being confirmed by some of the smartest people in Science and Industry today!

This information has been DELIBERATELY kept from you until the last minute so that it would be very difficult for you to make an informed decision about all of this at the very last minute.

Please watch and please pass on these videos to everyone FAR and WIDE.

Hooking “your brain” up to the INTERNET or the BRAIN NET = ENSLAVEMENT of a kind you’ve never heard of in your entire life and will regret forever if you allow it.

You must inform yourself and others.

Your DNA oscillates and emits bio-photons and bio-phonons (both light and sound). 

This weak signal can be detected with 5-G and can be used as a chip for digital control. Everywhere in the world Globalists built 5-G networks and supercomputers (AI, Smart cities, Internet of Bodies, and the Internet of Things).

This digital control is based on the signal that DNA emits; there is NO need for an additional “chip” or “nano-interface” to be injected with a “vaccine”.

The plandemic was staged in order to provide a pretext for mass testing on the world wide populations in order to gain access to DNA. The role of the vaccines was purposefully overly accented in society in order to delude people that all of these tests were benign.  In fact testing you for Covid were the main goals of the plandemic.

With the tests they could copy and transfer your DNA electromagnetic signal. When the DNA EM signal of a person is obtained by the authorities, then this person can be digitally tracked and controlled by Cell Towers, Wi-fi, Satellite, and the Internet.

The war is not about resources and territory, but about how many sheeple there would be in each digital concentration camp they decided to create.  


Watch the videos above!  Someone really rich wants to “OWN” the rights to your DNA so that you can be wholly and totally CONTROLLED.

We do NOT have years to put up a fight – we have only months left!

Please watch the videos!

All my love



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